5 Tips On How To Keep Your Home Cleaner With Less Effort

5 Tips On How To Keep Your Home Cleaner With Less Effort

Keeping a clean house can be hard work, depending on your circumstances. Perhaps you have children, pets or both? They can really make it almost a full-time job, there are ways in which you can make it easier to clean up and actually keep it tidy. Today we’re going to cover 5 tips that will half the amount of time you spend cleaning your home every week.

Tip #1: Being Organized

It goes without saying, being organized throughout the week will dramatically reduce the time you spend clearing up if you are having a family meal make sure everybody pitches in. If you live on your own make sure the sink is ready for dishes to be put in, if you’re running the sink to clean a plate, have a quick walk around to see what else you can find. It’s about being more efficient in the time you’re spending cleaning.

Most of the time it will take longer to run the sink than it will to clean the dishes, so by doing them all in one go you will effectively cut the time you’re spending cleaning up the dishes for example. Being more organized will also help with vacuuming (I mean we’re a vacuum blog!), set a specific day to go around and do the vacuuming unless something extravagant happens where it needs to be done right then and there.

This also has to be accounted for when doing chores like the laundry, setting a day or set days to do this gets you out of the habit of leaving it until there is a big pile that will take a full day. Again all of these can sometimes be ignored as sometimes you will want to wear something specific to a certain event or something along those lines, however, if you try and stick to it as much as possible you will notice you will have more clothes to wear and it won’t take as long. If you can get the rest of your family to know when they need to organize their washing it will take a big burden off your back.

Tip #2: Never Leave Mess

This is another important tip, try not to leave a mess. If you’ve had food, make sure to put it in the sink/dishwasher. Letting things pile up is a sure way to make cleaning a big task, if you’ve done chores and the tools are out, put them back. This is probably the most simple tip to put into action and requires the least amount of effort compared to actually doing a big clean. If you don’t ever leave a mess you’re never going to be surprised at the amount of cleaning you have to do.

There can become a problem by leaving stuff and pushing it back, simply leaving it a day too late to take out the bin. If you’ve filled it up to take it out, without doing this you’re attracting flys and maggots that turns a small clean up into something else. It’s hard to get rid of the smell of rotten food.

Tip #3: Groom Your Pets

Feel free to skip over this step if you don’t have pets.

I cannot stress how important it if not only for your pets health and well being but the amount of hair you will stop from getting on your sofa or curtains or anything really. Depending on the breeds you have will depend on how often you need to look into grooming them, every time you groom them all the hair you get. Just think about how much vacuuming/cleaning you’ve saved by just brushing your cat and dog once a week or however often it is recommended for your breed.

Top #4: Clean Your Vacuum

This will ensure you get a better quality clean every time you use it, it doesn’t need to be cleaned every time but once in a while make sure you wipe down all the tools and the main brush. Making sure it isn’t tangled/ filled with hair will make it more efficient when using, saving you having to go over a dirty area more than a couple of times.

Make sure the bag or the tray is emptied when it is nearly full, without having a place to go you risk the dirty not actually being removed from your floors but instead just moved around which is exactly the opposite of what you want, make sure to invest in a good upright will make this so much easier as you will be able to see way before it gets full.

You’ve heard the saying you wouldn’t wash your dishes with a dirty cloth, don’t clean your home with a dirty vacuum.

Tip #5: Wipe The Sides First!

I’m sure you are needing to dust/ clean the sides AT LEAST once a week, doing this right before vacuuming saves going over it twice. This is will improve the quality of your clean, you would either need to go over the vacuuming twice or the actual quality if your vacuuming would be far worse. Think about it, when you wipe down the sides of your home you’re disturbing dust particles, crumbs and anything else small and nasty.

I hope you’ve found some use in these tips already if you follow them I promise it will take time off your weekly clean.


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