5 Tips To Vacuum Your Home Better

5 Tips To Vacuum Your Home Better

Vacuuming, as you would agree is essential in keeping your home clean, increasing the lifespan of your floors, as well as keeping your indoor air levels at healthier levels. However, quite a number of times, we do not use a vacuum to its full potential.

In this post, we will be going through 5 tips that ensure you vacuum better, as well as make it an easy and fun chore.

Tip 1: Choose the Right Attachments and Use Them

Ideally, most vacuums come with a number of attachments and to vacuum better, it’s essential you choose the right attachments from the onset. Below is a quick glimpse of some attachments and how you can use each one of them to vacuum better:

Crevice tool

The crevice tool is ideal for tight spaces, tricky corners in-between hard-to-move furniture and other hard-to-reach places. Hence, use this tool to effectively get rid of dirt hidden away in these places.

Upholstery brush

Ideal for use with upholstered furniture, the upholstery brush is designed with small bristles for your couch, drapes, etc. Hence, they are useful in removing dust and debris from upholstery.

Hard floor brush

This comes in handy if you have hardwood flooring. The hard floor brush tool is equipped with fine bristles, like a broom, and does a great vacuuming job, while protecting the surface of your hard floor from scratching.


This tool comes in handy if you have carpet flooring. It is equipped with a beater brush which can dig into your carpet fibres to draw out grime.

Dusting Brush

Equipped with bristles, just like a hard floor brush so it won’t scratch a surface, the dusting brush is ideal for dusting and cleaning delicate spaces such as your drawer, keyboards, etc.

So, the first tip to vacuum better is to pull these tools and use them. That’s what they’re created for.

Tip 2: Create a Schedule; Stick To It & Make Several Passes While Vacuuming

The next tip to vacuum better would be to create a vacuuming schedule and stick to it. Ideally, you want to make sure you vacuum at least once a week.

However, if you have heavy-shedding pets, you may want to stick to a daily vacuuming schedule.

Also, you may want to give little extra attention to high traffic areas of your home; probably by vacuuming it more frequently than the other parts. Your efforts at having good, regular vacuuming protects whatever flooring type you may have, as well as keeps up its appearance.

Whatever schedule you pick, just make sure to follow it regularly and stick to the routine. This will help ensure that your floors are clean at all times.

Having created a schedule to stick with, I should also add that when vacuuming, one pass with the vacuum won’t be enough to properly clean your floors. Hence to really pull up the dust and hair on your floor, you need to make a number of passes prior to moving on to the next spot. With every pass of the vacuum, you are getting up more and more dirt. And ideally, you should give heavy areas at least 5-10 vacuuming passes to make certain that you pull up the pile, and that you get all the dirt up.

While doing this, it would be smart to go over the areas from various directions, in other to effectively pull up dirt and debris. Making multiple passes is especially important for pet owners.

Tip 3: Don’t Overfill Bags/ Empty the Canister

To maintain optimal suction and avoid particles from being emitted right back into your household, you need to replace the bag (if using a bagged vacuum) after it’s half to two-thirds filled. If you leave the bag to be overfilled, the vacuum loses suction and effectiveness, thereby hampering your overall vacuuming experience.

Therefore, you want to ensure to check the bag often and change frequently. Some vacuums have indicator lights that turn on to let you know when the bag is full. Ideally, you want to replace the bags before it gets to the point when this indicator lights come up.

Same applies if you’re using a bagless vacuum. With a bagless vacuum, it’s easy to see how full the container is, and it’s highly recommended that you clean out the dust cup as it collects in there. Starting off with an empty bag-free vacuum will make your cleaning efforts more successful and effective.

Tip 4: Choose the Right Setting

Often times, the height of your home floors vary from one section to the other. Hence, to vacuum your floors more effectively, ensure that you choose the right setting on your device. Most vacuum cleaners generally have different settings that allow you to adjust it based on the surface you are cleaning.

These settings should be adjusted based on the height of the surface in which you are cleaning. Doing so ensures you get the best suction; thereby efficiently cleaning your floors.

Tip 5: Pay Special Attention While Vacuuming Rugs

Vacuuming your area rugs can sometimes leave it with frayed edges. Especially when the vacuum cleaner continually gets stuck on the outer edges of the rug.

Hence, you need to use special care with area rugs.

Ideally, you should vacuum from the centre of the rug outwards. This way, you focus on cleaning the centre and lightly go over the outer parts. This should be done while of course making sure that you are using the right setting for the rug you are vacuuming, as many vacuum cleaners have different settings that allow you to adjust it based on the surface you are cleaning.

In some instances, it may be a good idea to machine wash smaller rugs and take larger ones outside and have them dusted with a broom.

There you have them. 5 tips to vacuum better!

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