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Here are TheVacuumExperts.com, we believe that everybody should have the best tools for you guessed it, vacuuming! There are literally 1000’s of different models on the market, so we built this site as a way to help you make the right decision.

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“I kept buying vacuums that would just break, naturally I’m money conscious so I probably was buying the cheaper end. I was determined that I didn’t have to spend upwards of $600 just on a vacuum. Hence this site was born, to hopefully help you save some money too!”

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Jenny Carlow

Founder / Chief Vacuumer!

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Jenny Carlow – Founder

I’m the owner and probably who’s writing you will mostly read here (sorry in advance!), after testing over 100 vacuums, I’ve got the knack of pretty much within the first 5 minutes being able to tell you how good a vacuum is. Some say it’s a super power…

Email: Jenny@thevacuumexperts.com

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Richard Sanders – Tester

Chief super intendant vacuum tester, ok no just tester. If something needs a bit more of a technical background, chances are you’ll be reading one of my posts.

Email: Richard@thevacuumexperts.com


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