The 4 Best Central Vacuums

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Nadair 700 AW Compact and Powerful Central Vacuum System

Nadair is a brand that’s been around since 1980 and it’s been largely known for matching ceiling lighting and fans with home decor trends.

[toc]Vacuum cleaning exists in various shapes and sizes, whether we’re talking about canister vacuum cleaners, upright or even handheld models, there’s a vast range of units available that cater to the needs of homeowners or businesses. The issue with these models, however, is that You need to constantly drag them up and down the stairs, or even struggle to find a suitable outlet to get to every dirt around the area.

If that’s a constant bother to you, then perhaps the central vacuuming system is the very thing that will take care of all your cleaning needs. This vacuuming system is regarded as the most efficient and versatile of them all. If you are unfamiliar with this, then we can shed some light on the matter in this article, as well as share our list of the finest central vacuuming systems available today.

Best Central Vacuum System List


The 4 Best Central Vacuums 16

1. Nadair 700 AW Compact and Powerful Central Vacuum System

Nadair is a brand that’s been around since 1980 and it’s been largely known for matching ceiling lighting and fans with home decor trends. But mostly, Nadair has been especially renowned for producing some of the most high-quality and efficient central vacuum systems around in North America. This is testified in the 700 AW model that you see here.

The 4 Best Central Vacuums 17It boasts a highly-efficient cyclonic filtration system that is capable of entrapping 99.99% of the finest dust and dirt particles complete with disposable filtration bags. The vacuum system can filter vitiated air twice, which is excellent for improving air quality especially for those who are constantly bothered by allergies and asthmatic symptoms.

It’s powered by a two-stage, 5.7-inch Ametek USA lab motor, which makes it three times stronger than a conventional vacuum cleaner. To put it in simpler words, then an air central vacuum system has enough suction power to pick up just about any dirt or debris you can find.

The Nadair Vacuum System comes with state-of-the-art noise reducing-technology that enables homeowners to clean up their house without a sound. The canister that comes with the system is secured at the engine block using steel fasteners crimped rubber that ensures the tank behaves well without resulting in vibrations.

The vacuum soft-start technology adds about 20% more life-expectancy to the product. You won’t have to worry about dust or debris making it back into your ecosystem as the soft-stop 3-second delay technology vacuums it all out from the house. This way, no remaining dirt or debris also ends up getting emptied onto your floor and the piping network elbows won’t get clogged as a result.

There’s also an innovative storage and dust extraction system that comes with Nadair’s vacuum system. The particular shape of its tank makes a cyclonic effect that is capable of separating the dust from the air with its centrifugal force. But whether you wish to use a filtration bag or not, it’s entirely up to you. And when you’re done and are in the process of emptying the bags, you’ll be surprised to know that the bags won’t come into contact with the dust.

The pipes that come with Nadair measure approximately 30 ft in length, which makes hooking up to outlets very easy to do. Besides this, two brushes are offered to homeowners, which are excellent for cleaning out pet hair and other stubborn pieces of debris that cling to furniture and carpeting.

Editors Pick
Nadair 700 AW Compact and Powerful Central Vacuum System
  • 25 Year Warranty
  • 3 Second Delay – No Clogging
  • 700 AW
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The 4 Best Central Vacuums 182. OVO Heavy Duty Powerful Central Vacuum System

OVO is another great central vacuum system company and the OVO Heavy Duty is a great testament to that. The entire system measures approximately 30.2 inches in height while being 12.9 inches in width. The water lift measures approximately 140 inches, and its powerlift can go as far as 700 air watts. It’s especially ideal for those who live in a large household or a big house.

The 4 Best Central Vacuums 19This monster of a vacuum system can help users clean around a 10,000 ft area. And thanks to its soft-start technology, its life expectancy is more than that of a regular or traditional vacuum machine, which is at least 20% more than usual.

The OVO is also a great central vacuum system for owners with old PVC pipes. But even if you live in a new home with fresh pipes, it’ll still be good either way. What’s even more fascinating is that the vacuum machine’s suction power is powerful enough to clear out any build-ups in your pipes.

Apart from that, the OVO Heavy Duty had a top-performing filtration system that’s capable of immensely reducing respiratory issues and allergic symptoms.

Like the Nadair central vacuum machine, the OVO Central Vac is also powered by the two-stage, 5.7-in Ametek Lamb Motor, which makes it three times more powerful than an ordinary vacuum cleaner, be it upright, canister or portable.

Within the canister vacuum, OVO has a high-density polypropylene filter that’s not only washable but can remain efficient for the rest of its life. But more than that, it’s especially efficient in capturing and reducing airborne pollutants and allergens at a 99.97% reduction rate.

Apart from that, oval also features an additional filtration level thanks to its disposable three-layered filter bags. These bags are what prevent the spread of dust and dirt around your household.

But you won’t have to worry about washing the filters often thanks to its state-of-the-art cyclonic suction power that boosts operation time in between. Plus, it’s nifty LED color-coded indicator will inform users when it’s time to clean out the filter and do some other maintenance tasks.

Also, OVO features an exemplary quiet vacuuming experience since it operates at less than 65 decibels, allowing users to tidy up the place without waking anyone up.

OVO Heavy Duty Powerful Central Vacuum System
  • Powerful 700 AIR WATTS Central Vacuum with 30 ft High-Voltage hose with electric power head accessory kit included
  • HEAVY DUTY: Covers up to 9000 square feet area, 8 inlets or more – CANISTER – 9.25 gallon or 35 liters Rolled steel bottom load Canister.

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3. Nutone PurePower 550 Air Watts

The 4 Best Central Vacuums 20The Nutone PP5501 PurePower infuses strong suction and self-cleaning filtration that’s capable of removing dirt dust as well as airborne allergens and pollutants from your house. It’s also the kind of vacuum unit that is fixing those homeowners that desire easy dispensing once they’re done with their cleaning. That’s what the large container that comes with the unit is used for and it unlatches pretty quickly.

There’s even an exhaust pipe that’s fitted to the unit’s right side so make sure that it’s mounted close to that area where the particulates can be tossed outside. And if you’re a pet owner, then you’re in luck with this vacuum machine.

One of the most remarkable features is the ultrasound technology, which as the name indicates, produces barely any audible noises as you vacuum the place. It even features top-quality accessories like floor tools, dusting brush, upholstery tools, and a mesh bag among others.

As per its name, the Nutone PurePower delivers a power of up to 550 air watts. This means that this centralized vacuum system is capable of cleaning between 1,000 to 5,000 ft of space and can be used to clean out stairs, carpeted surfaces, and area rugs. Also, Nutone PurePower is not only anti-corrosive but also an electrostatic, eco-friendly powder coated one as well.

You’ll also find that the latches that come with the vacuum are very large, which makes them easy to detach when you’re done cleaning and are about to empty the trash you’ve collected. And you need not worry about cleaning the machine from the inside as its powerful filtration system alone is powerful enough to do that without getting rid of anything down. As such, you won’t ever have to wash clean or even replace your filter ever again. What’s more, is that the vacuum offers a 3-year labor and 5-year part warranty after purchase.

Furthermore, it also includes both low and high-voltage wires for your vacuum plugs. Whether your house comes with a basic plug or one that’s similar to your drying/washer hookup, you can opt for either. However, it’s worth noting that the standard plug won’t give your vacuum enough suction power.

Nutone PurePower 550 Air Watts Central Vacuum System
  • Designed with ULTRASILENT Technology which combines sound absorbing materials and assembly techniques to offer one of the lowest noise levels in in the industry. Deep cleaning has never been so peaceful!
  • Delivers 550 Air Watts of power to ensure deeper cleaning than conventional upright vacuums; UL Listed for your confidence
  • Large 6 U.S. gallon disposable bag (only needs to be emptied every 6 months on average) traps dust and bacteria better than ever. Uses NuTone model 391 Vacuum Bags.

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The 4 Best Central Vacuums 214. OVO Compact and Powerful Central Vacuum System

Finally, to cap off this extensive article is another entry from OVO, this time in the form of the 550 AW Compact and Powerful Central Vacuum System.

This vacuum system is known for its triple-layer filtration bags that grant homeowners the ability to discard waste in the product’s canister without unleashing any harmful or irritating airborne dust particles. The three filtration tissue layers keep the bag from being ripped apart. It also comes with an extra filter that guards the bag against larger dirt particles, thereby extending the lifespan of your machine. That lifespan is further increased by 20% thanks to its soft-start technology and super-durable steel body. This technology delays your machine from being shut down by 3 seconds to help empty the hose and the piping network.

The one stage, the 4.2-in motor allows the OVO Central Vac to pick up any manner of dirt and debris from its path, making it three times more powerful and efficient than upright, canister, and portable vacuum cleaners. The state of the art noise-reducing technology that comes with OVO allows you to vacuum around the area even while people are sleeping, without disturbing them.

Being capable of delivering up to 550 air watts of power, the OVO Central Vac can help owners clean up areas of up to 4,000 ft.

Best Budget Option
OVO Compact and Powerful Central Vacuum System
  • Powerful 550 Air Watts Central Vacuum with 30 ft Straight air hose with combo brush and accessory kit included
  • COMPACT VACUUM SYSTEM: Covers up to 4000 square feet area, up to 4 inlets – CANISTER – 4.75 gallon or 18 liters Rolled steel Top load Canister.
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Central Vacuum System Buyer’s Guide

Keep in mind that the products we have listed in our article above are based on our preferences and cleaning needs. We understand that choosing the best central vacuum system can prove to be quite challenging. That’s why we put together a list of some of the most desirable traits and aspects that you need to look for before making a purchase. These aspects include the following:

1. Filtration System

There are two types of filtration systems that central vacuum cleaners come with; a permanent or a replaceable filter. Generally speaking, most consumers prefer self-maintaining filters as they don’t need to waste time cleaning it by themselves.

2. Materials

Although many consumers will opt for steel as it’s the most durable and most common of them all, some central vac manufacturers will try to take shortcuts by using metallic composites or metal alloys. Other brands will just leave out metal in general and only utilize plastic composites. Keep away from a composite that is porous in nature as it will increase the chances of developing mildew.

3. Motor Type

When it comes to the type of motors to look for in a central vacuum system, you’ll come across two of them, including bypass and thru flow. Bypass motors are relatively more effective as they protect the central vac’s motor parts from attracting debris and dust. The thru-flow motors, however, will make it challenging in cleaning out water lift and wet debris.

4. Air Watts

Air watts is typically understood to denote a vacuum’s suction power. In reality, however, it’s a mix of two distinct specs, including water lift and CFM.

5. Noise

Although most of the most coveted central vacuum systems are silent, it’ll be a bit of a problem for those homeowners who live in a small house or reside in a house’s commonplace. That’s why it would be better for you to purchase a central vac system that offers sound reduction or a muffler system so that anyone inside your house or even your neighbors aren’t disturbed.

central vacuum system explainedWhat is a Central Vacuum System?

A central vacuum system, otherwise known as a whole house vacuum, is a vacuuming system that is built into a household. It’s usually installed in the basement and garage and has pipes that run through the interior walls.

Because the entire thing is centralized, homeowners will have access to electrical outlet-looking suction ports or inlets that are installed in various rooms around the house. With this, homeowners need only attach a hose to these ports and vacuum any space in their house without necessarily dragging a piece of heavy equipment along the way.

The best part about these inlets is that they’re easily accessible, and you can install them anywhere you want in your house. What’s more, you won’t have to worry about plugging either an upright, canister, or portable cleaner into any electrical outlet or even worry thinking that the cord can reach around your house. Homeowners can also install an automatic dustpan that allows them to sweep debris off quickly into a wall vent using an ordinary broom.

A centralized vacuum cleaner is built to be more powerful than conventional vacuums as they have reduced noise and lower dust and dirt recirculation into a house’s ecosystem thanks to an external venting system that behaves much like a dryer vent. This is a huge relief for those with severe asthma and allergies because the central vacuum system will exhaust any sort of dirt and dust outside of your household and never be allowed to come back.

Along with a lightweight hose, you also carry with you a top-quality power brush unit around your entire house. What’s more, is that the power unit is completely permanent and out of one’s way. Lastly, not only can a durable central vacuum system last for at least 20 years, but it’s also cost-effective as you can save money on both the system’s parts and repairing as the units are built to last.  Just buy a full accessory kit with your vacuum system and you won’t have to bother with buying another for quite a while.

Now that we’ve gotten the good stuff out of the way, let’s have a look at some of what we believe are the most popular and best-selling central vacuuming systems available today.

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