Best Handheld Vacuum For Pet Hair

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Bissell Pet Hair Eraser

Starting off this list is the Bissell Pet Hair Eraser. The reason why it’s one of the best pet hair vacuum cleaners is that it’s versatile and delivers outstanding results, all while sporting a lightweight design and the variety of other tools in its arsenal.

[toc]If you’re a pet parent, and continuously have to deal with either your dog or your cat shedding all over the place, you need a reliable and effective handheld pet hair vacuum. Fortunately, this article contains a list of some of the finest pet vacuum products available in the market today.

We know the kind of pain people go through when dealing with excess pet hair littered all over the place. That’s why you need compact, efficient, lightweight vacuums that can get rid of pet hair from just about any place and corner in your house.

Below we’ve gone ahead and reviewed them in the order we would recommend, any that have made this list are VERY good, but this is our personal favorite order. We have kept in mind that you only want this vacuum for pet hair, if you’re looking for something for the whole house, you might be better looking at a canister or an upright vacuum.

Best Pet Hair Handheld Vacuum Cleaners

bissell pet hair eraser1.  Bissell Pet Hair Eraser

Starting off this list is the Bissell Pet Hair Eraser. The reason why it’s one of the best pet hair vacuum cleaners is that it’s versatile and delivers outstanding results, all while sporting a lightweight design and the variety of other tools in its arsenal.

Besides pet dander, it also works well on surfaces like stairs, upholstery, and car furnishing as well. It even works on hard surfaces thanks to its 4-amp power rating. With that much power, you can guarantee that this baby will do its job in removing any stubborn hair left by your pets.

The source of this device’s suction power is its Cyclonic Cleaning System and multi-layer filtration. The vacuum is equipped with both a hard and soft nozzle, allowing consumers to clean various surfaces. You can use the soft rubber nozzle, which is really flexible to lift both dirt and pet hair from upholstery and carpet before sucking them up.

The air movement within this device is well coordinated so that it removes debris effectively and gets rid of sediments.

Bissell Pet Hair Eraser Handheld Vacuum, Corded, 33A1
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black and decker handheld vacuum2.  Black and Decker CHV1410L

Another strong entry in our list is the Black and Decker Dustbuster CHV1410L. Don’t let its compact size and low price fool you; this little monster packs versatility and power.

The CHV1410L is equipped with a 14.4 lithium-ion battery that generates about 23 air watts of power for starters. The battery can hold its charge for about 18 months. Even if this device is used occasionally, you’ll notice that it still has quite a lot of charge to spare. The only downside to this battery is that it takes 4 hours to recharge the battery once it’s been used for only 30 minutes. Despite that, the results it delivers are efficient and impeccable.

Another selling point of this vacuum cleaner is its price rate, under only $60. Besides that, it even has a two-year warranty.

The filters offer a two-stage filter that is both effective and hard-working. The plastic mesh filter, in particular, blocks away bigger dirt particles, whereas the inner cloth filter prevents finer debris from entering. The filters are also washable and replaceable.

The Black and Decker CHV1410L comes with a load of attachments that this device certainly cannot do without. And the best part about those attachments is that they’re all built-in. For instance, the device comes with a built-in brush and crevice tool. It also has a flip-up brush that loosens up dirt so it can be removed easily. It might not be a pet hairbrush, but it is definitely sufficient enough to remove dander from carpets and all kinds of fabrics.

BLACK+DECKER dustbuster Handheld Vacuum, Cordless, 16V (CHV1410L)
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shark pet vacuum handheld3.  Shark Cordless Pet Perfect II Hand Vacuum

The long body of Shark Pet Perfect 2 allows users to reach those tiny, hard-to-reach spots while the wider head is excellent for getting rid of pet hair.

Coming with a tube-like shape but with a simple purple and black color combination, we can already tell that the Shark Pet Perfect 2 is already a winner in our books. This device’s nose area is a slot where either one of three separate cleaning tools can be inserted; dusting brush, pet hair tool, and crevice tool.

Pet Perfect 2 is equipped with an 18-volt battery that requires 16 hours before it is completely charged. Like the Bissell Pet Hair Eraser, this vacuum also uses cyclonic action to prevent dirt from reaching the filter opening to maintain its performance as the dirt cup continues to fill up.

Numerous pet owners have praised this product and love how effective it is in picking up pet hair from upholstery and carpet. The only kind of the brush roll is that it doesn’t rotate or swivel, making it a little tougher on our wrist.

Using this vacuum is easy as there’s only a power switch and a button that releases the dustbin. Hence, there’s no need to swap between power modes once you turn the vacuum cleaner on.

Because it’s a cordless vacuum cleaner, consumers already have the advantage of using this appliance anywhere they want in their household. But even though devices capable of getting into those hard-to-reach spots, doing so would not be so easy as one would think.

The motorized brush can handle fine debris on carpets but will struggle on bigger debris as this device is compact, and the opening isn’t that big. That’s why a brush tool is a great option for cleaning up larger dirt chunks.

vacuum tool for pet hair4.  Dirt Devil Scorpion Quick-Flip Corded Bagless Handheld Vacuum

The Dirt Devil Scorpion may be corded, but it’s another affordable yet powerful pet hair vacuum cleaner.

The Dirt Devil Scorpion comes with a 16 ft long cord that provides users with a broader cleaning coverage without hitting the quick flip off. The extra-long nozzle allows us to clean the narrower areas in car seats where our hands are incapable of reaching. Holding this handheld vacuum compared to a regular-sized vacuum offers a great amount of relief in weight and usability.

The Dirt Devil also offers another convenience in terms of maintenance and cleaning. You can brush it or wash it, whatever you feel comfortable with. And when you’re thinking about changing the filter, worry not as the Scorpion filters are easily affordable.

Dirt Devil Plus 16V, Red Quick Flip Pro Cordless 16 Volt Lithium Ion Bagless Handheld Vacuum Cleaner BD30025B
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Best Handheld Vacuum For Pet Hair 95.  Miele Triflex HX1

The German-based company Miele offers one of the highest quality vacuum cleaners globally, and the Triflex HX1 is a huge testament to that reputation. Not only does this company have a 100-year fan-following, but their products are some of the most well-received and well-reviewed that the global vacuum cleaning community as ever known.

The Triflex HX1 boasts nearly perfect reviews from various sites online and for good reason as it is capable of eliminating any kind of debris and dust. Given its 180-watt power, it is quite remarkable that it ran for 17 straight minutes on maximum capacity. Several users also feel that its 3-configuration design was beneficial.

If you’re using this machine for cleaning floors, we would advise having the canister and the motor near the brush head when in stick mode. As for cleaning high, out of reach areas, the vacuum center of gravity needs to be shifted to the handle.

And for those with asthma and allergy concerns, worry not as the Triplex HX1 is equipped with state-of-the-art HEPA filters. These filters are capable of scooping up almost 100% of allergens and small particles. In fact, these filters are capable of eliminating several tiny debris and particles, like pollen, dust, bacteria, mold, and especially pet dander.

Miele Triflex HX1 Battery Powered Bagless Stick Vacuum, Lotus White
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Best Handheld Vacuum For Pet Hair 106.  Shark Rocket Corded Hand Vac 

The Shark Rocket is considered one of the most powerful portable vacuums incapable of losing its suction power. It is ideal for fast pickups and cleaning stairs, above-floor surfaces, car interiors, and pet hair.

Some of the accessories included in Shark hand vac include a stretch hose, TruePet Motorized brush, dusting brush, and a crevice tool. This brush is what you need to pull out pet hair, debris, and dirt from upholstery.

Thanks to its 15 ft long power cord, the Shark Rocket covers a large cleaning radius without running into battery issues. The filters are easily washable, sparing owners the trouble of changing and replacing their old filters. Another plus is that the vacuum cleaner is very lightweight and can hold its own quite well.

Another desirable feature of the Shark Rocket is its infinite vacuum sucking capability. In other words, this vacuum cleaner provides the same suction power in helping you pull up debris and dust. If you don’t believe us, thousands of customer reviews are available online to back up that claim.

Shark Rocket DeluxePro Ultra-Light Upright Corded Stick Vacuum, Bordeaux
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Best Handheld Vacuum For Pet Hair 117.  Dyson V7 Trigger

If you’re looking for a high-performing, but compact and portable vacuum cleaner, then the Dyson V7 Trigger ticks off all the right boxes. Despite its high price, this vacuum takes care of tough or challenging dirt removal spots in stairs and upholstery.

The V7 Trigger is powered by the V7 digital motor, which isn’t that different from the V6 motor but cleans up efficiently with over 100 air watts. This motor uses a digital pulse for propelling a magnetic rotor that can rotate around 110,000 RPM.

The V7 Trigger’s cyclone technology includes 15 cyclones the keep dust from clogging up in the filter very quickly. The machine is also capable of filtering allergens that are as small as 0.5 microns. The standard package doesn’t include the post-motor HEPA filter, so for that, you’ll need to spend a couple of extra bucks for the Trigger Pro.

Dyson V7 Allergy HEPA Cord-Free Stick Vacuum Cleaner

Cord free. Hassle free. Filtration : Washable lifetime filter. Whole machine HEPA filtration captures allergens and expels cleaner air than the air you breathe

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Best Handheld Vacuum For Pet Hair 128.  Shark Wand Vac Handheld

If you desire a secondary vacuum cleaner that’s potent, convenient, and budget-friendly, then the Shark Vac WV201 Cordless Vacuum Cleaner will put your search to an end.

With over 1.4 pounds of weight, the Wand Vac is perhaps one of the most lightweight handheld vacuum cleaners available that packs a punch.

By far, the first thing you’ll notice is its sleek, unique design. This helps it stand out from other models in the market that may sport a similar design. The handheld consists of a tapered nozzle, making it more convenient to pick up pieces and bits of debris and dirt.

Another attractive feature of this cleaner is that it’s user-friendly and fun to use. All you have to do is just pick up the device, pointed at the target that needs cleaning up, and poof oh, you’re done. You don’t need to waste time getting it out of your closet, assembling it, untangling the power cord, or look for a power outlet.

Shark WV201 WANDVAC Handheld Vacuum, Lightweight at 1.4 Pounds with Powerful Suction, Charging Dock, Single Touch Empty and Detachable Dust Cup
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What You Need To Consider Before Buying A Handheld For Your Pets

When you purchase a pet hair vacuum cleaner, you need to ensure that they’re built to properly handle the situation. You don’t want to have to end up buying a new one every six months. So before you get yourself one, you need to keep the following aspects in mind when choosing a pet hair vacuum cleaner:

Strong Suction Capability

Suction is by far the most essential feature in any vacuum cleaner. So if you’re going to pick a cleaner for pet hair, we suggest opting for one that comes with at least 12 amps of power. If you find something more powerful, then go right ahead. 12 amps of energy are sufficient to remove stubborn messes like pet hair.

The reason behind that much energy is that newer vacuums are accompanied by special attachments that focus on more rigid operations like pet dander. The attachments are what boost the suction power of a vacuum. So overall, your options would be to look for a powerful vacuum cleaner or a model that comes with special attachments and adequate suction capable of tackling pet hair.

The Layout And Flooring Of A House

Another factor that plays a role in deciding the kind of pet vacuum cleaner you need is the layout and flooring of your house. Some of the flooring types you need to be wary of include:

Area Rugs and Carpets

For rugs and carpets, you’ll want a vacuum cleaner that doesn’t only provide excellent suction, but a rotating brush to get the fur out of the carpet. Another feature to factor in when choosing a vacuum cleaner for your rug is to go for the model to adjust its height. This offers more versatility when vacuuming different portions of your property.

Tile and Hardwood Floors

For hardwood or tile floors, you’ll have to pick a model that’s specially built to handle that kind of flooring. The key behind choosing a hardwood and tile flooring vacuum cleaner is the suction power that comes with it.


In general, pet lovers are all too familiar with having to cuddle up with their furry family members on their comfy sofa or other kinds of furniture in the house. And while we share the same sentiment with these owners, this would only add up to their fur removal chores in the long-run. After all, your pet isn’t going to pick up after themselves. So when choosing a vacuum cleaner to get pet dander out of your furniture, we suggest choosing one that comes with a special attachment for the job.


If your house has stairs in it, then a lighter vacuum cleaner would be more appropriate for the situation. This way, you won’t have to be lugging your device up and down constantly and leave you with aching muscles in the process. But worst of all, you won’t have to carry a large vacuum cleaner that poses a threat of falling down the stairs.


Suppose you or anyone else in your family suffer from severe allergies. In that case, if they’re triggered by pet dander, we strongly urge you to hunt for a handheld vacuum cleaner that offers HEPA filtration. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, these types of vacuum cleaners consist of HEPA filters that capture matter down to 0.3 microns, preventing them from returning to the environment.


Buying a cheap handheld vacuum cleaner would be sufficient if you’re low on income, but it’s not something that you should be vying for in the long run. For all you know, that vacuum cleaner may get clogged up with pet dander one too many times. We also don’t recommend buying the most expensive clear as well. That’s why you should aim for a model that gives you the best of both worlds.

Bags and Filters

You mustn’t skip out on the bag and filter system. We suggest using a multi-layer filter, so it takes care of most of the hair and dust inside the device without letting it get to the motor or get blown out in the open again. When thinking about a capture bag, you need to factor in how fast it will get clogged up.

However, some designs are incapable of handling vast amounts of pet hair and will not function to the best of their abilities. Instead of that, you can avoid the bag and simply choose a vacuum that comes with a dustbin. This offers you the convenience of not replacing any bags and zero hair build-up.

Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way let’s look into some of the best handheld vacuum cleaners available that are best equipped for handling cut hair.

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