Best Pool Vacuums – Detailed Guide Of The Top Picks

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Dolphin Nautilus CC Plus Automatic Robotic Pool Vacuum

If you are looking for a pool vacuum, thats reliable and quick. Then the Dolphin Nautilus CC Plus Automatic Robotic pool vacuum is what you need.

[toc]Are you looking for a way to keep your pool clean and hygienic? Then, you needn’t look any further because we have the solution for you. What you need is a pool vacuum. The best pool vacuums are a game-changer for your pool’s cleanliness.

These tools are designed to thoroughly clean your pool, even in hard to reach areas. Pool vacuums don’t only clean the pool but also improve the circulation of clean water and oxygen to leave your pool clean for longer.

Their cost-saving operation means that you can cut down on pool chemicals and even eliminate the need to hire a pool guy. So what are you waiting for? Scan through the 8 top picks for the best pool vacuums in 2020 to find the ultimate choice for your pool.

1. Dolphin Nautilus CC Plus Automatic Robotic Pool Vacuum

Dolphin pool vacuumIf you are looking for a pool cleaner to enhance your cleaning efficiency, then the Dolphin Nautilus CC Plus Automatic Robotic pool vacuum is what you need. The pool vacuum is designed to clean all types of pools; whether you have a granite or tile pool.


Built with a tangle-free cable, the vacuum moves freely around the pool thanks to its swiveling mechanism. Inside, it comes with a superior filtration container to help trap and lock dirt and debris, thus, leaving your pool spotlessly clean.


When fitted with its twin filter cartridges, the pool vacuum can clean pools sized up to 50 feet deep.  Additionally, the pool vacuum is powered to operate and clean non-stop for up to 2 hours per cleaning session.


  • Wall climbing capacity
  • 50 feet pool size capacity
  • Energy efficient
  • Tangle-free swivel cable


  • Fitted with a powerful suction motor
  • Built-in automatic cleaning schedule
  • Large automatic filter cartridge
  • Tangle-free cable enhances efficiency


  • Doesn’t scrub the waterline

2. Polaris Vac-Sweep 280 Pressure Side Pool Vacuum

polaris pool cleanerDesigned for in-ground pools, the Polaris VAC-Sweep 280 Pressure Side pool vacuum is built with powerful pressure vacuums for effective cleaning.  The three-wheel design, 280 vacuums, sweeps, and scrubs all complement each other to effectively clean walls and the bottom of most pool sizes and shapes.


Built with a large opening, the pool vacuum sucks up large debris such as leaves and pebbles whilst the dual venture jet vacuum provides powerful intake performance. Its large filter bag capacity collects all the debris before reaching the pump basket whilst its large surface area prolongs its durability.


The pool vacuum is ideally designed to work with any in-ground pool size. However, to enhance its performance. You need a separately sold Polaris booster pump. The pump helps to optimize power so the vacuum can clean even the largest debris and circulate clean, warm water around the pool.


  • Maximized circulation
  • Prolonged filter life
  • Large capacity filter bag
  • TailSweep Pro compatible


  • Works in all in-ground pools
  • Pressure cleaning mechanism always leaves skimmer free to collect more debris
  • Pump power helps to circulate clean and warm water around the pool during cleaning
  • Designed to capture debris at the filter before reaching the pump basket


  • Requires a booster pump

Polaris Vac-Sweep 280 Pressure Side Pool Cleaner, 280 Model
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3. XtremepowerUS 75037 Climb Wall Suction Pool Vacuum

Best Pool Vacuums - Detailed Guide Of The Top Picks 2The XtremepowerUS pool vacuum comes with up to 10 hoses to allow you to clean different pool sizes. With this pool vacuum, you can fully clean the bottom and walls of your pool.


Its innovative design allows you to operate the pool vacuum cleaner with no electricity or extra tools required. All you need to do is to connect it to your existing pool filtration system and let it do its magic! The pool cleaner also comes with seal clips that help to maintain the balance of the hoses during the cleaning sessions.


The pool vacuum is designed to clean pools that measure up to 30 feet deep. For spotless cleaning, you will require to pair the vacuum with a 3/4 HP pool pump or 1600 GHP. Plus, it boasts a quick cleaning rate of about 8 to 12 feet per minute.


  • 30 feet pool size capacity
  • 8-12 feet movement per minute
  • ¾ HP pool pump powered
  • Ecofriendly


  • No electricity required – simply attach the vacuum to the filtration system
  • No tools required for operation
  • Seal clips help to maintain cable balance during cleaning
  • Works on multiple debris including algae and leaves


  • Doesn’t clean pool stairs

U.S. Pool Supply Professional Automatic Pool Vacuum Cleaner – Powerful Suction that Removes Swimming Pool Debris, Cleans Floors, Walls and Steps
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4. Hayward 500 Aquabug Suction Automatic Pool Vacuum

Best Pool Vacuums - Detailed Guide Of The Top Picks 3

The Hayward 500 Suction Automatic pool vacuum is designed for above ground pools. Thanks to its unique turbine system, it provides ample water circulation and smooth cleaning.


The unique turbine system provides quiet and consistent water circulation across the pool as the vacuum gently moves around. The vacuum also features an advanced and contoured head design which moves it in a steering pattern for quick yet thorough cleaning.


The pool vacuum can also be installed on any surface, be it vinyl, concrete, tile, or fiberglass. Plus, the installation requires no extra tools and typically ready within 10 minutes.


  • 10 minutes installation
  • Unique turbine system
  • Advanced contoured head design
  • Friction preventing deluxe bumper ring


  • Contoured head design movement cuts down cleaning time
  • Deluxe bumper ring prevents friction for quick and easy movement away from walls
  • Doesn’t require a pump to work
  • Connects to your existing filtration system


  • Only cleans above ground pools

Hayward W3TVP500C TriVac 500 Pressure Pool Vacuum (Automatic Pool Cleaner)
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5. Pentair 360100 Kreepy Krauly Lil Shark Above Ground Pool Vacuum

Best Pool Vacuums - Detailed Guide Of The Top Picks 4The Pentair 360100 pool vacuum works by scrubbing the pool surface and removing debris thanks to its loose bristle brushes and powerful vacuum design.


The pool vacuum comes with a dual-band of bristles that scrub the surface and walls of your pool. And as the bristles scrub the debris from the surface, the powerful vacuum whisks them away. And to cut maintenance costs, the vacuum features a simple design with only one moving part.


The vacuum features programmed cleaning design which ensures thorough cleaning without missing any spots. As the vacuum cleans, it makes 10–inch wide cuts for quick and effective cleaning.


  • Two-way cleaning – scrubbing and vacuuming
  • Dual-band Scrubbing nylon bristles
  • Programmed cleaning
  • Friction preventing deluxe bumper ring


  • Simple design with a single moving part significantly cuts maintenance costs
  • Easy installation – simply hook the cleaner to a hose and begin cleaning
  • Programmed cleaning ensures thorough coverage of the pool’s surface
  • Impressive suction power


  • You need a powerful pump for effective cleaning

Pentair GW7900 Automatic Pool Cleaner for Kreepy Krauly SandShark Inground Swimming Pool
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6. Dolphin Escape Robotic Above Ground Pool Cleaner

dolphin above ground cleanerWith the Dolphin Escape Robotic pool vacuum, you don’t have to worry about messy bags thanks to its large filter cartridges. The vacuum cartridge is built to hold up to 60% more debris than other vacuums of a similar model.


The pool cleaner features a SmartNav 2.0 robotic scanning for thorough cleaning. This robotic cleaner also maintains a new-age energy-efficient build and weighs only 14 lbs. It’s also fitted with hyperbrush dual scrubbing brushes to help dissolve dirt and contaminant deposits from the pool’s surface.


The pool vacuum’s wheels are like no other. The wheels are designed in continuous tracks to help enhance traction and ultimately, improve efficiency and cleaning time.


  • SmartNav 2.0 robotic scanning
  • Continuous tracks wheel design
  • 4000 GPH suction rate
  • 30 feet pool size capacity


  • Operates on up to 90% less energy – at only 180 watts
  • Active scrubbing brushes help to dissolve dirt and contaminant deposits
  • Can be used for both above ground and in-ground pools
  • Scrubs the water line


  • The filter is not ultra-fine

Dolphin Escape Robotic Above Ground Pool Cleaner
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7. Polaris Vac-Sweep 65 Pressure Side Automatic Pool Vacuum

Best Pool Vacuums - Detailed Guide Of The Top Picks 5If you are especially struggling with cleaning the sides of your above ground pool, then the Polaris Vac-Sweep 65 pool vacuum is the answer to your troubles. The pool vacuum is designed to work with pumps and filtration systems for above ground pools.


Thanks to its patented jet sweep design, the vacuum blows water against the pool wall to help clean out dirt deposits and clean areas that are not easy to access. The dirt is then swept into the vacuum’s easy to remove filter bag.


The pool vacuum is built to work non-stop for up to 3 hours; ensuring every spot on the pool is effectively and thoroughly cleaned. The vacuum also delivers pressurized clean water to the pool whilst leaving the filter and skimmer free to tackle the dirt.


  • Patented jet sweep design
  • Unique filter bag
  • 5 minutes installation
  • 5 feet pool size capacity


  • Filter bag collects large debris such as twigs and pebbles before reaching the pump
  • Filter bag design and functionality helps to prolong the filtration system’s life
  • Patented jet sweep design helps to clean out hard to reach spots
  • Works for up to 3 hours nonstop to ensure thorough cleaning


  • Doesn’t work for in-ground and deep pools

Polaris Vac-Sweep 65 6-130-00 Pressure Side Automatic Pool Cleaner for Above Ground Vinyl Pools
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8. Dolphin Triton PS Automatic Robotic Pool Vacuum

Best Pool Vacuums - Detailed Guide Of The Top Picks 6The Dolphin Triton PS automatic pool vacuum brings with an all cleaning solution for your pool. The vacuum features a tangle-free swivel cord, powerful suction, and waterline cleaning capacity.


Built with a single click large basket, the vacuum can collect more debris to ensure your pool is spotlessly clean. To complement this effort, a high speed front scrubber and standard back scrubber thoroughly scrub up the walls and surface of your pool.


Dual working speeds give you the option of a quick 1 hour cleaning period or a 2 hour standard thorough cleaning time. Plus, the cleaner is capacitated to clean pools that measure up to 50 feet deep.


  • Bluetooth powered
  • Weekly programmed cleaning
  • On/off/remote steering smartphone capability
  • 50 feet pool size capacity


  • Can be connected to your smartphone thanks to the Bluetooth compatibility
  • Built with two cleaning time options
  • Dynamic front quick scrub and rear standard scrub brushes ensure spotless cleaning
  • Large filter basket to collect more debris


  • Loses suction power as soon as basket begins to fill up

Dolphin Triton PS Automatic Robotic Pool Cleaner with Extra-Large Filter Basket and Superior Scrubbing Power, Ideal for In-ground Swimming Pools up to 50 Feet.
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How To Choose The Best Pool Vacuums

When choosing the best pool vacuums, you must know what features to look for to ensure it is ideal for your pool. This ranges from the type of vacuum to the pool cleaning capacity and other factors that enhance its functionality. We’ve outlined some of the key features to look out for below. 


You will come across different pool vacuum types. These include robotic, manual, suction, and pressure pool vacuums.

Manual Pool Vacuums

A manual pool vacuum connects to a skimmer or hose. As the name suggests, this pool vacuum is manual and handheld operated. You have to move it around the pool throughout the cleaning process. Because of the simple design, many manual pool vacuums are quite inexpensive.

Robotic Pool Vacuums

Robotic pool vacuums on the other end are what you should go for if you are looking to save time and improve your efficiency. These types of vacuums are electric motor operated and self-driven. Depending on their design, they can cover the pool’s surface, walls, and stairs.

And when done cleaning, they automatically shut themselves off. They are normally built with their own pump and filters.  Robotic vacuums come with the advantage of cleaning hard to reach spots and corners, filtering microorganisms, and circulating clean water and oxygen.

They also require minimal supervision and cut down the number of pool chemicals required because they are effective at cleaning. However, they also come with limitations such as cord lengths that limit their range, the inability to filter large debris, and high maintenance costs. Compared to other pool vacuum types, they are quite expensive.

Suction Pool Vacuums

Suction pool vacuums are designed to attach to your pool’s skimmer and can be used on both in-ground and above ground pools. However, unlike robotic vacuums, these suction pool vacuums are no motor-operated but rather suction powered. This makes them quite ecofriendly and economical. They don’t come with filters so instead, they pass water through the hose to your pool’s own filtration system to filter out the debris.

Suction pool vacuums are easy to install, use, and maintain. Their maintenance costs are also quite low, however, you have to set up and remove the vacuum manually every time you clean your pool. Because they don’t have their own filter, your pool’s filtration system will fill up quickly.

Pressure Pool Vacuums

Pressure pool vacuums need to be attached to their own booster pump to effectively work. These types of pool cleaners sometimes work with your pool’s water return port in place of a booster pump. They are designed to thoroughly clean your pool surface and have their own filter to prevent overworking the pool’s filter. Amongst pool vacuum types, they are favored for their durability, however, they may be a little difficult to set up and maintain

Hose length

You must also consider the hose length when choosing a pool vacuum that has a hose. To choose the right length, make sure it can cover the distance from the skimmer to the other end of the pool. For pool vacuums that don’t come with long enough hoses, you can buy a separately sold one that is long enough.

Pool Surface

Some pool vacuums can handle different pool surfaces whilst others are specifically designed for a single type. Most pool surfaces are made from fiberglass, tile, granite, or vinyl. Most robotic cleaners, for example, are designed to work on fiberglass or stick tile surfaces thanks to their super brush grip.

However, this doesn’t mean that they cannot work on other surfaces. Always go through the pool vacuum’s features to find out which surfaces they can work on.

Pool Size

The pool size indicates the depth to which the pool vacuum can work in. This also relates to the cord length for pool vacuums that have a cord. In general, vacuums designed for in-ground pools can clean to a depth of up to 5 feet. Pool vacuums designed for in-ground pools can clean to a depth of between 30 to 50 feet.

Why Use A Pool Vacuum?

Investing in a pool cleaner brings many benefits. The three common ones include reduction of pool chemical usage as well as water, time, and money-saving.

Pool vacuums are designed to effectively and thoroughly clean your pool thus, this reduces the need to use chemicals on your pools regularly. Debris and microorganisms such as algae grow on stagnant water. However, regularly using a pool vacuum increases clean water circulation and oxygenation to leave the pool clean at all times.

Investing in a pool vacuum also saves your time and money, because you don’t have to hire someone to clean the pool. To save even more time, buying a robotic pool vacuum means that you don’t have to physically be there to operate the pool cleaner.

Using a pool vacuum even saves water. Pool vacuums clean, filter, and recirculate the water, therefore, you don’t have to use more water. Additionally, the elimination of microorganisms balances your pool chemistry, so you don’t have to drain your pool water regularly.

A pool vacuum also helps to save costs and time on other pool cleaning tools. For example, using a pool vacuum means that you don’t have to backwash your filters regularly. The process of backwashing your filter involves spraying it with water to remove the debris build-up. Because most pool vacuums have their own filters. Your pool’s filter will not be overworked. Therefore, you will not need to regularly backwash it.


How Long Should I Run A Pool Vacuum During Cleaning?

It all depends on the pool vacuum’s design. Vacuums such as the XtremepowerUS 75037 Climb Wall Suction Pool Vacuum indicate the time according to its cleaning rate of 8 to 12 feet per minute. Thus, the overall time it takes depends on the size and shape of your pool.

Additionally, the actual time will also be determined by is efficiency. Other vacuums such as robotic vacuums have a faster run time. They are designed to run anywhere from 1 to 3 hours for an average-sized pool.

How Long Does A Pool Vacuum Last?

Again, this depends on the design. Typically, robotic pool vacuums last the shortest because they are built with a motor and have more moving parts. In general, robotic pool vacuums will last you anywhere from 3 to 5 years. However, pool vacuums that are not motor power-operated such as pressure or suction pool vacuums can last up to 8 years or longer.

Can I Leave My Pool Vacuum In The Pool?

No, you shouldn’t leave your pool vacuum in the pool. Vacuums such as the robotic types are fitted with timers that turn them off when done. However, it is not recommended to leave any type of pool vacuum in the pool for prolonged periods because this may eventually affect their functionality and durability.

Should I Scrub Or Brush The Pool Before Using a Pool Vacuum?

Yes, it is advised to brush the pool walls, corners, and fixtures to remove dirt. The dirt and contaminants will then settle at the bottom or main drain; making it easier to vacuum them up. However, some of the best pool vacuums are fitted with brushes or scrubbers to do this job for you.

The Pentair 360100 Kreepy Krauly Lil Shark Above Ground Pool Vacuum, for example, operates in a two-in-one scrub and vacuum mechanism. So, the vacuum scrubs and ultimately vacuums the dirt right there and then.

Best Pool Vacuums Overview

The best pool vacuums bring about a revolutionary change to your home. Not only do these tools effectively and thoroughly clean your pools but they eventually, help you save your time and money. One can even say that pool cleaners improve the overall well being of your family. This is because they help to keep the pool water circulated and oxygenated thus, preventing contaminant and microorganism growth.

With that said, you don’t need further convincing, all you have to do now is choose a unit from the 8 best pool vacuums listed above and enjoy swimming in a clean, hygienic and safe pool.

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