Best Upright Vacuums Reviewed

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Dyson Ball Multi Floor Upright Vacuum

Is it any surprise that the best upright vacuum is indeed a Dyson? They have built their name up from years and years of high quality excellently designed, innovative products.

[toc]The most popular sort of vacuum is the upright, almost every household you go into will have one. If you don’t already, you will probably change your mind after using one. They are far easier to use, more powerful and reasonably priced than any other vacuum that is going to be enough for a whole household not a spot cleaner.

Unless you live on just a sofa I cannot see an instance where an upright vacuum would not be perfect, most come with all sorts of add-ons that you would expect on a handheld vacuum also.

As far as surfaces you will be able to clean, within reason anything you can imagine:

It is a tool that can be used to clean all parts of your home.

So you need an upright vacuum, what should you be looking out for before you purchase?

What To Look Out For In Upright Vacuums:

There are many different components and features that come in to play with uprights, we are going to cover the basics of what to look out for below, we will then go over the individual benefits of some vacuums against others later.

Size – This is very important, you don’t want a big clunky hard to move vacuum. They can come in all sort of lengths, some even adjust which is a great feature. Not all of us are 100kg of muscle, so you’ll want it to be light also, make sure to check the weight of the vacuum. Although it’s a great workout you don’t want to put your back out every time you get crumbs on the floor!

Power – This is especially important if you have pets, pet hair can be an absolute nightmare if you don’t have the vacuum to deal with it. Now not everybody will have pets however you will want a powerful vacuum to save going over it 2-3 times before you’re happy. Some vacuums some with rollers built in which will make up for a lack of power, however they come with the risk of damaging things. For example, if you run over the power cable with a brushed vacuum you have potential to damage or even break the cable completely.

Movement – The save with size and weight, you want to be able to go around corners easily enough, I can remember the days where you’d really have to work hard to get the vacuum’s to go around corners, thankfully they’re much lighter nowadays.

Warranty – What is the point in buying a reasonably expensive item if it is just going to break in a single year? This is why warranties are so important, I personally try not to buy anything without at least 2 years warranty otherwise you risk just losing your money in a years time. Sometimes this can’t be avoided without paying a premium price but where possible you want a long warranty. This goes with any item really, especially electrical.

Filtration – You want your vacuum to have a good filtration system, if not you run the risk of blogging and loss of suction. You will notice on all Dyson’s advert’s they mention the fact of no loss of suction ever, this is one of their key selling points as it’s just so annoying when you’re halfway through a clean and you have to clean the filter and make more mess than when you had initially started.

Bag or Bagless – most vacuums are going down the route of bagless now, it’s far cheaper and easier for the user to empty. But sometimes it comes to personal preference, if you’d like to keep all that dirt locked away in a bag then they would be the best option.

So we’ve covered what basic’s to look out for, now let’s compare the top 6 best upright vacuums.

Best Upright Vacuums Compared

Product ImageNamePriceRating Out Of 5Brand
61qMCouqyWL._SL1500_Dyson Ball Multi Floor Upright$3874.9dyson-logo
61wA5tIGU-L._SL1500_Shark Navigator Lift-Away$179.994.7shark-ninja-social-media-and-digital-marketing-specialist
71KmT5wRe5L._SL1500_Bissell1650A$249.994.7BISSELL Logo
611YSAo-L8L._SL1500_Hoover UH72400$1274.5hoover-logo-vector-01
610M3q4DrPL._SL1500_BISSELL 9595A$77.995BISSELL Logo

Dyson Ball Multi Floor Upright Vacuum

61qMCouqyWL._SL1500_Is it any surprise that the best upright vacuum is indeed a Dyson? They have built their name up from years and years of high quality excellently designed, innovative products. They’re still doing that in 2016, this product is fantastic, it it the one I use personally at home.

The latest models of the Dyson Ball vacuums are surprisingly small and lightweight, when they first came out they were quite deep which meant a lot of weight. But since then they have refined it and you can really make great use of the ball movement which is AMAZING, I like much thought it was a gimmick at first, however, I need to stop judging before trying as it makes pushing, pulling and moving around the corner so darn easy!

It comes with a 2 year standard warranty, you have the option of extending this, however, there are plenty of places that repair Dyson vacuums for usually less than you’d pay to extend the warranty. Ideally, it would have come with a 3-year warranty with this price tag, but don’t let that put you off, I haven’t personally had any problems with any Dyson vacuum I’ve owned. They’re always made very well from the UK.

It is bagless but it has a single button release system, which means that you can empty it into the bin without getting into contact with any of the dirt that you pick up. All aspects of this machine feel well put together, at no point have I thought any particular part was flimsy or would be broken.

Pros Of The Dyson Upright Vacuum:

  • Self adjusting cleaner head – That’s right, no more bending over and adjusting the cleaner head every time you have length or carpet or floor type altogether. It works brilliantly and makes cleaning so much quicker.
  • Filtration Traps – Dyson has designed a system that when removing the tray to empty it will keep all of the dirt inside the tray or the machine, this is a good way in which Dyson tackles the problem of the user coming into direct contact with the dirt they’ve just cleaned.
  • Hygienic Bin Empty – With the one button release all you have to do is put the tray into the bin and press the button, simple.
  • Testing – Dyson design these machine to last 10 years, that is their goal form the outset, that is why when you pick up a machine it feels incredibly well built.
  • Instant release wand – For those high up cobwebs or that bit of spot cleaning you’d like to tackle the instant release wand is great. Some vacuums you have to unplug and replug in the hose to get the wand to work, not with this.
  • Ball Steering – It is far superior to any wheel-based vacuum, it just wants to go around corners.

There really are many pros for this machine.


  • Price – The only thing others have on this is the price, but you really get what you pay for so don’t let that put you off.

You can see why this is the best upright out on the market in 2016.

To read more reviews and buy the Dyson upright click here. Dyson V6 Trigger: Home & Kitchen
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Shark Navigator Lift-Away Professional

61wA5tIGU-L._SL1500_The product of SharkNinja, this is a professional piece of kit for the average home user. It is extremely user friendly and will handle anything you can throw at it (not literally throwing items at it!). It has a lot of really great reviews, I will link to them below, there’s even one where a woman is hugging it!

The Navigator is extremely lightweight for the product that it is, coming in at only 13.7 pounds it is one of the lightest and easiest to move upright I’ve used in a long time. You can actually take this product apart so the canister will lift off which is perfect for stairs and any awkward cleaning, it also makes spot cleaning that little bit easier if you don’t also own a handheld. The tray is big which means that it is quite rare that you will need to empty it.

The product comes with a dust away attachment, which is essentially reusable microfiber cloths that attach to the nozzle. What this does is essentially get rid of all the dust whenever you’re vacuuming hard floors, especially useful for wood.

Similar to the Dyson the Navigator comes with a complete seal on dust, so you should never come into contact with anything that you’re picking up.

My only niggle with this product believe it or not is the photos, let me explain. For some reason they have photoshopped the cord out in them, this is very much a corded product. A very good one at that, I just don’t know why they’ve done it. It does come with a 30ft cord so there are no issues.

Pros of the Navigator:

  • Excellent Movement – The only product I’ve seen with better is the Dyson, at that is a big compliment
  • Lightweight – This product is lightweight that a child would have no problem pushing it around
  • Detachable – Great for stairs and other awkward cleaning
  • Dust Seal – Making sure you don’t come into contact with any of the waste
  • Dust attachment – Provided a great finish on wood floors


Couldn’t really think of any cons, the only thing that got me thinking was why they removed the cord from the images, bizarre.

To read more reviews and find the cheapest price for the Navigator click here.

Shark Navigator Lift-Away Professional NV356E, White and Silver
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Bissell 1650A Pet Hair Eraser

71KmT5wRe5L._SL1500_The upright edition of the pet hair eraser series lives up to expectation, after reviewing the handheld earlier I had high hopes for this vacuum and it absolutely delivered. If this upright review was simply on ability to pick up pet hair then it would be number one for me personally. The power of the tangle free brush roll is very, very good.

Coming in at 18 pounds it is one of the heavier models I’m reviewing today, however don’t let that put you off. Being 18 pounds doesn’t make it massively heavy, it is still very easy to move around and shouldn’t cause you any problems moving it about the house. It will however make it more difficult to move upstairs compared to it’s competitors.

It also has a quick release wand that is ideal for getting pet hair that ends up in awkward places, I personally have golden retrievers and hair gets everywhere! You’d be surprised, I’ve found it in the lamp shades before, how even?

Moving around the house is also very easy with a swivel function, it just falls before the Navigator and the Dyson more so because of the slight weight increase than anything else.

Bissell have created a Smart Seal Allergen System to prevent any odors or debris coming out of the vacuum, so the only air that is coming out has been cleaned and does not contain any of the dust you’ve just spend so long picking up. Which is good for cleaning and it’s just nicer to breathe clean air, I hope you agree.

With this product you also get a remarkable 5-year warranty, there are many products in any market that provide that, let alone vacuums!

Pros of the Bissell 1650A Pet Hair Eraser Upright:

  • Pet hair – The best vacuum and removing pet hair I’ve ever used. It comes with anti-tangle device which really works
  • Quick release wand – To get any bits you may have otherwise missed
  • Smart Seal Allergen System – Great at making sure you only have to go over the place once
  • Warranty – Bissell are always very good on warranties, this product has a 5 year guarantee. Which completely blows the other products out of the water


  • Weight – Taking it up and down stairs is a bit of a pain

A great product, especially if you have pets.

To read more about the Pet Hair Eraser click here. – Bissell 1650A Pet Hair Eraser Vacuum – Corded –
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Hoover UH72400 WindTunnel

611YSAo-L8L._SL1500_On first glance this small, thin and quite simple Hoover had me thinking it wouldn’t be worth the money. I was so wrong, this exceeding expectations by some way. In my head I thought only the expensive vacuums with the more advanced technology could be that small yet have the suction this has. It’s remarkable in that department.

Another vacuum that comes with the swivel steering, it really is the way to go now, unless you’re Dyson of course. It was very easy to move around the house and I had no problems taking it up the stairs in my own home. Coming in under 14 pounds it was very easy to handle.

Coming with Multi-Floor Electronic Brushroll it is great for all floor types, it excelled when I put it against golden retriever hair. It isn’t automatic however for the price it is still very good. Easily turned off with just the flick of a switch.

The extendable hose is not only easy to access but it is very long.

Pros of the Hoover UH72400 WindTunnel:

  • Price – Punching above its weight when it comes to price
  • Floor Brushroll – Very good at picking up pet hair
  • Weight – Very easy to maneuver
  • Long hose – Make it easy to clean high up blinds and shelves


  • The Brushroll has been known to stop working, it does come with  2 year warranty which they will fix no problem. It is just a common fault, something to consider.

To read more reviews about the Hoover, please click here. – Hoover UH72400 WindTunnel Air Steerable Bagless Upright Vacuum Cleaner – Corded – Vacuum Cleaner
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BISSELL 9595A Vacuum with OnePass

610M3q4DrPL._SL1500_By far the cheapest compared to the 3 before it, however still a very strong and reliable upright vacuum cleaner. The Bissell 9595A is a no gimmicks solid vacuum, everything you would want from a basic vacuum you get exactly that. It comes with a very powerful brush tool and will pick up most things on one pass, hence the name.

It lets itself down a little when it comes to general movement, it weighs 15.1 pounds but it’s the lack of swivel action that brings it down. With just the two-wheel design it does make vacuuming around tables for example quite troublesome.

It does have very powerful suction which is from Bissell’s Cyclonic System they have brought into this product. It also comes with a removable tank with which again makes it very easy to empty and keep the dirt away.

The small turbo brush is fantastic, it does take a moment for you to attach it as it involves swapping the hose over but it is very good for spot cleaning troubled areas. The hose could do with being a little longer however the results are very good.

Pros of the Bissell 9595A:

  • Price – Coming in for under $100 it is fantastic value
  • Turbo Brush – Great for pet hair and spot cleaning
  • Easy to empty dirt tank


  • Weight & moveability – It is quite difficult to really get to every spot just as it’s harder to move
  • Warranty – Compared to it’s bigger brother it only comes with a 2 year warranty

A very good piece of kit, for the price. It only makes the list due to the fact it is very cheap in comparison.

To read more reviews of the 9595A click here. – BISSELL 9595A Vacuum with OnePass – Corded – Upright Vacuums
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All of the above are in my opinion the best upright vacuums available on the market at the moment, we try to keep up with all the latest developments when new vacuums are released. So if you’re not sure what to get now, bookmark this page and come back in a few weeks.

Jenny Carlow

Jenny Carlow

I’m the owner and probably who’s writing you will mostly read here (sorry in advance!), after testing over 100 vacuums, I’ve got the knack of pretty much within the first 5 minutes being able to tell you how good a vacuum is. Some say it’s a super power…