Bissell Crosswave Range Tested & Reviewed

Ever since opening up shop in 1876, Bissell has been one of the most sought after vacuum cleaning companies globally. They’re especially known for not only producing top of the line cleaning appliances that can handle dirt, grime, and other debris from any surface, powerful suction, and convenient features. The best part is that you can get all those facilities at a fraction of the cost compared to other high-profile names like Miele and Dyson.

So if you are looking to suck up stubborn messes but don’t have a luxurious budget to afford all the complex bells and whistles that come with the other brands we’ve mentioned, then buying a Bissell vacuum cleaner is your best bet.

The Bissell CrossWave range is one of the most reputed, premium, and effective cleaning vacuums you’ll ever find today. This lineup also happens to be the most versatile as it not only sucks the mess from your floor or ground, but it also allows you to clean and sweep at the same time as well.

If you want to know more about the CrossWave range, then stick with us as we dive right into this magnificent series and mention some of the finest models within this lineup that can do all and offer great value for your money.

Bissell Crosswave Range Tested & Reviewed 171. Bissell Crosswave Floor and Carpet Cleaner 1785A

Starting off this list is one of Bissell’s pride and joy in the Wet and Dry Carpet Cleaner form or simply the 1785A. Often referred to as a wet-dry vacuum cleaner, the 1785A can clean various surfaces from hard floors (hardwood, tiles, etc.) to carpeting. Besides that, this vacuum offers a vast list of advantages that are simply too good to pass up, including:

Bissell Crosswave Range Tested & Reviewed 18Advantages of Bissell Crosswave 1785A

  • Save up money. The 1785A is a multi-purpose tool for a reason as it allows you to suck up dirt and debris and double as a mop. This means that you don’t have to necessarily buy one vacuum cleaner that only does dry vacuuming while also buying a wet mop when picking up finer debris such as mud, dust, and more.

By comparison, you save up your money buying a dry vacuum cleaner and a wet vacuum cleaner. Hence the all-in-one branding on this vacuum cleaner is justified. This means you can use it for regular house cleaning, or you want to take care of the mess your pet cat or dog left in the wake of their fun.

  • Multi-surface cleaning. We’ve talked about this before, but since this is one of the appliance’s strong features, it only seems right to do so. And it’s not that it just gets the job done; the vacuum cleaner incorporates a mix of cleaning and washing that will make it seem as if you’re living in a five-star hotel or something.

Being offered the convenience of mopping and cleaning spares you the need to use multiple appliances and achieve impeccable results and only one pass. All you have to do from your side is to guide the vacuum, do whatever floor, surface, corner, or space you want to clean and let it do its magic. And since you’re taking care of both cleaning and mopping simultaneously, you’ll be saving up on the cost of owning different cleaning equipment and appliances.

The state-of-the-art brush roll design of the vacuum cleaner’s carpet cleaner side uses a nylon and microfiber brush during the cleaning operation. This dynamic brush duo gathers dry particles and mop, saving you both time and hard-earned money from your house’s otherwise complex cleanup.

  • Creative double-tank design. One of the other best parts about this vacuum cleaner is its innovative double tank design. What this means is that you won’t be using the same water that you pick up dirt with. In other words, the 1785A has two separate tanks in which one is used to storing clean water and cleaning solutions while the other stores the dirty water and debris that gets sucked up.
  • Easy clean, and maintenance. The Easy-Clean Storage Tray is another excellent feature that makes this vacuum cleaner a pleasure to own. Once you’re thrown cleaning your house, you can tidy up quicker than you can blink. Other important accessories included the Removable Brush Roll and the Easy-Remove Brush Window.
  • Crosswave technology. Now we talk about how this magnificent cleaner got its name. Some people don’t have the patience to clean the floor up, wash it, and then wait for it to dry. This is where CrossWave technology comes into play. With this technology, the water that gets released as you wash the floor is sucked back in again without leaving any dirt trace on the surface. What’s more, there’s no need for you to buy any mop sticks for this job.

Instead of featuring a water filtration system, the CrossWave 1785A features a built-in water system that offers a deep, hot clean.

First, consult the user’s manual and then see how you could achieve this deep cleaning level. You might have to manually mix warm water solutions, which shouldn’t be too complicated.

  • Dual-action brush roll. We really need to talk about how the 1785a does a spectacular job cleaning the floors thanks to the dual-action brush roll. This brush roll can rotate at 3500 RPM, and as it does so, there’s virtually nothing left on the floor except your face reflecting from the surface.

And now that we’ve gotten that out of the way let’s look at some of the most attractive features of the 1785A.


Brush Action

As we mentioned earlier, the Bissell 1785A comes equipped with an innovative nylon and microfiber brush that allows it to move at a very high speed of 3500 RPM.

The microfiber brush roll is excellent and is often utilized by professional cleaners to take care of smooth and sensitive surfaces. The material of this Rush is excellent for entrapping even the tiniest of dirt and dust particles. As such, not a single spec will be left on your floor.

Smart Touch Controls

One of the best things about operating the Bissell 1785A is that you don’t need to be some kind of Einstein or an expert in rocket science to know how to get this lovely device to work. That’s because all you need are the smart touch controls that are easily accessible on the vacuum’s handle for quick and easy operation.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re cleaning area rugs or sealed hard floors because these controls will make it easier to move around the place without compromising performance or power. Some of these controls allow us to control the moisture level so that the rugs don’t get too wet. It also keeps the water from seeping through to the floor underneath.

Swivel Head

Getting around those hard to reach corners and under-furniture spots can be frustrating if you don’t have the right equipment, that is. Fortunately, the swivel head is the ‘right equipment’ that you need. This will make sure that no dust can escape your gaze.

Multi-Surface Brush Roll

The multi-surface brush roll features medium firmness bristles, apart from the softer fibers right in the brush’s center. This allows the brush to be very useful for a number of hard surfaces, besides area rugs.

Area Rug Brush Roll

The area rug brush roll is exactly what its name implies; to clean out area rugs firmly. The brush is made entirely out of medium firmness bristles and doesn’t contain any soft fibers. But that’s okay as these bristles give users better agitation, resulting in better cleaning performance when it comes to area rugs.

Hardwood Floor Brush Roll

This brush is identical to the multi-surface brush but without the medium firmness bristles. The bristles are completely soft fiber, which is ideal for giving hardwood floors a good shine.

Pet Brush Roll

We’ll let you guess what this one does. Like the hardwood brush, this one is also identical to the multi-surface brush, but the firmer bristles are located just below the softer ones. This offers agitation, but the firmer bristles are prevented from getting tangled up onto longer hairs. It’s a great brush, especially for area rugs and hard surfaces.

BISSELL CrossWave Floor and Carpet Cleaner with Wet-Dry Vacuum, 1785A - Green
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Bissell Crosswave Range Tested & Reviewed 192. Bissell CrossWave Pet Pro

Besides specifically targeting pet owners, the CrossWave 2306A is a multi-purpose vacuum cleaner that takes care of pet dander, filth, and dirt from several flooring types and much more.

Bissell Crosswave Range Tested & Reviewed 20Cleaning Power

Like the 1785A, the 2306A also features cleaning and washing capabilities. When it comes to its suction ability, the Pet Pro offers a cleaning power between 100 to 150 AW. That’s enough power to allow us to pick up dirt efficiently from hard to reach debris to the heavier ones. The brush roll of the pet pro has an RPM of 3000, which is great for agitation, as it’s just enough to get rid of dirt from virtually any floor type. In simpler words, this vacuum can be used on low pile carpets and hard floors. This vacuum’s brush roll is specially built to handle a wide range of surfaces and produce impeccable results.

Ideal for Long Hair

The CrossWave Pet Pro will be your best friend when it comes to sucking up long hair strands and – be it human or pet. Besides that, the vacuum cleaner also features a hair strainer making it easier to remove any of those nasty strains before the brush roll becomes entangled. This gives us optimal suction power for longer durations.

Different Water Tanks

Again like the 1785A, the 2306A consists of two separate tanks. One holds clean water up to 28 oz whereas the other holds dirty water. The dirty water container comes with a strainer that traps and filters out pet hair so that it doesn’t end up going down the drain and result in a clog. This is a relief for pet owners or households that have at least one or two pets. A small gripe is that it doesn’t feature an alert system, prompting users to check up on it now and then manually.

25 ft Power Cord

If you want to get the best cleaning coverage possible, you’ll be happy to know that a full tank enables you to clean approximately 700 square feet thanks to its 25 ft power cord. The tank has two lines that show the level of water required for messes from small to large areas and the level of cleaning solution required. We can use these measurements to ensure we get the correct amount of both water and cleaning solutions for an efficient cleanup job without letting the cleaning formula go to waste.

Blacklight Technology

You may be aware of some messes your pets or fussy kids make that you can’t quite make out with the naked eye. Well, Blacklight Technology offers just the solution to that problem. With this, you’ll be able to spot all of the hidden footprints and messes with the Pet Pro, virtually guaranteeing that there is not even a single nasty, filthy speck left behind.

CrossWave Filter

You have to have a proper filtration device to prevent allergens from escaping your vacuum cleaner, and that’s exactly what the CrossWave filter does. It might not be HEPA, but it still does a great job holding those nasty allergens in their place while you take care of all the dirt and debris that plague your home. Furthermore, the filter is washable, allowing you to extend its usability for many years to come. Just be sure to give it a regular wash every now and then before you resume your vacuuming adventures.

Pet Pro Brush Roll

The 2306A’s innovative brush roll can be applied to multiple services and is completely tangle-proof. Per the manufacturer, the brush roll can withstand the tangling of pet hair that is up to eight inches long, minimizing the irritation caused by our furry friends.

It also ensures that it only uses fresh cleaning liquid from the two-tank-system for mopping. Therefore, your floors and carpets will only be spotless and shiny. The handle controls allow users to switch between cleaning modes easily. For instance, the controls can quickly help you alternate between cleaning a bare floor to an area rug. There’s also a trigger that lets you control the cleaning fluid level required to clean your surfaces, preventing unnecessary wastage.

Easy Maintenance

CrossWave models are known for their ease of maintenance, and the 2306A is an exemplary example of that. It even comes with its own clean tray, which you can use to wash the brush roll. Just please the equipment on the tree, add some clean water and then let the motor run. Despite this method being pretty simple, we suggest taking the brush roll out and then washing it separately in a sink.


The 2306A is pretty lightweight in that it weighs no more than 12 lb, which makes it easy to maneuver. This is a blessing for those who don’t want to be burdened by the stress accumulated from lifting a heavy vacuum cleaner from one floor to the next. It also means taking the vacuum cleaner up and down the stairs is as easy as 1-2-3.

Bissell Crosswave Range Tested & Reviewed 213. Bissell 2554A CrossWave Cordless Max All-in-One Wet-Dry Vacuum Cleaner and Mop

The 2554A is cordless, features all the premium bells and whistles, and is hands down the priciest model in this article, touching in at around $400. It’s powered by a 36-volt onboard lithium battery and comes with over 30 minutes of runtime on one battery charge.

Cleaning/Suction Power

The CrossWave CordlessBissell Crosswave Range Tested & Reviewed 22 has a suction power of at least 100 air watts. This kind of strong airflow is evident in just about every CrossWave vacuum cleaner and mop floors’ ability. During vacuuming, the 2554A uses the power of the spinning brush roll to get rid of dirt and then lifts it using the suction port. The vacuum’s mopping utilizes the same cleaning power as the other models we’ve already covered. This is followed by a spray from Bissell’s water cleaning solution and its carpet/floor formula.

Battery Power

Since the device is cordless, it relies on battery power. The 36-volt Li-ion type battery is charged within 4 hours and offers the vacuum cleaner an operating time of 30 minutes. It’s still relatively short from what many might come to expect, but it’s still a little bit better than the previous model.

Three-in-one Charging Dock

The vacuum comes with a three-in-one charging dock capable of storing and charging the device when you’re not cleaning. But the best part of this dock is that it comes with a self-cleaning system that gets rid of debris and hair from the soft brush roll as it charges.

The charging dock’s downside is that there’s no way to dry the cleaner once washed. Therefore, you need to remove it and let it dry on its own. This means that the next time you take the 2554A for a roll, it won’t have markings or smearing stains of the mess you cleaned up from before. Interestingly, you have to attach the dirty water tank to the device to commence the self-cleaning process.

Multi-Surface Cleaning

Whether it is soft area rugs or hardwood floors, the 2554A can do it all. Given ‘wet dry vacuum’ is part of this equipment’s name, it does precisely that; vacuuming carpets and sealed hard floors while also cleaning them to take care of some stubborn stains, debris, and dirt with its cleaning solution. And every filth or particles that it scrounges up from the floor is sent directly to the dirty water tank.

Filtration System

The CrossWave 2554A utilizes a similar filter as the previously listed models to entrap fine particles. During mopping, fine dust and other smaller particles mixed together with the water cleaning solution, which is then transported into the dirty water tank. Because of this, there’s no need for us to have high-efficiency filters. To keep debris from getting into the dirty water reservoir, the vacuum contains a strainer that filters out the trash so that users can easily empty it separately. Similarly, regularly cleaning the filter can extend the equipment’s suction power.

Lightweight for Better Movability

Weighing at over only 11.6 lb, the CrossWave Max 2554A is relatively lighter than some of the other premium branded vacuum cleaners available today. As such, users won’t be bothered by the weight of continually pulling, pushing, and then navigating the vacuum cleaner between or under furniture. And just to give the device better cleaning, convenience, and control also comes with a swiveling neck. Also, don’t worry about carrying the cleaner up and down the stairs as it comes with an easy-carry handle. The Max 2554A is about average size, making sure that consumers have no trouble using it.

Dual-Tank Technology

Since the CrossWave Max 2554A is a wet-dry vacuum cleaner, you can use it to wash any surface and then dry them up. This is because of the device’s dual-tank feature in which it contains one tank for storing cleaning mixture and the other for storing dirty water. The cleaning mixture tank can hold up to 28 oz of liquid, whereas the dirty water tank’s capacity is 18.6 oz. Once you’re done, you can detach either of the tanks from the vacuum, which makes emptying them relatively easy. Before filling in the cleaning solution tank, you need to follow the manufacturer’s recommended measurements. Markings will indicate these measurements for the amount of freshwater and cleaning liquid required.

Ideal Edge Cleaning

Normally when it comes to wet dry vacuum cleaners, there isn’t any problem with edge cleaning. Not only does the Max 2554A not have that problem, only it features thinner bezels that make the process a lot simpler. The wide brush roll won’t be bothered by the side bezels, and can also reach closer to edges unlike some of the other CrossWave models.


Getting dirt out during the night or dark corners can be a challenge, but not when you have two strong illuminating LED lights like the ones with the 2554A. Now no dirt or debris can ever hide from your gaze again, no matter how small or big.

Wi-Fi Connectivity

This feature is relatively new in that it allows users to send reports to their smartphone app via Wi-Fi connection so they can keep track of the performance and condition of their vacuum cleaner. From alerts, users are notified which device component has worn out or become faulty and requires repairs or replacement.

Bissell Crosswave Range Tested & Reviewed 234. Bissell 2747A PowerFresh All-in-One Vacuum and Steam Mop

Here’s an unorthodox entry, but a very great overall product nonetheless. From what you’ve seen with the title, the 2747A doubles as a vacuum cleaner as well as a steam mop.

Bissell Crosswave Range Tested & Reviewed 24Vacuum and Steam Cleaning

The CrossWave Powerfresh Vac & Steam is a steam mop with a vacuum cleaner that’s built into it. Thanks to this unusual combination, you can use this machine to vacuum floors and surfaces and give them a steam mop. Better than that, you can do both simultaneously, which only enhances the cleaning experience.

To use the steam function, you have to pour water into the machine’s water tank before pressing a button that heats all that water into steam. To use that steam, you need to press a button to allow the steam to seep through the machine and onto the floors.

To use the vacuum cleaning operation, ensure the device is plugged in and switched on. It’s more convenient than steam mopping and is ideal for fast and convenient vacuum cleaning.

Powerful Vacuuming

For homeowners to give their floors a proper steam mop, they’ll need to use adequate mopping pads. Fortunately, that’s exactly what Bissell offers with two convenient mopping pads that make the whole steam mopping experience comfortable.

You can alternate between a Microfiber Soft Pad and a Microfiber Scrubby Pad as you steam up. With the Microfiber Scrubby Pad, you can get rid of thick messes and stains that the soft pad usually can deal with. Using the Microfiber Soft Pad, those messes and stains that are not that dense can be removed with ease. What’s even better is that you can wash the pads off quickly once you’re through mopping and then use them again.

Very Effective Steam Cleaning

Even though the 2747A isn’t a sole steam mop, it still offers lots of steam cleaning power. That power comes from a tiny but effective motor that’s concealed inside the steam mop.

The motor is what heats the water in the water tank to a very high temperature. The steam then travels from the water tank onto a mopping pad at the bottom of the vacuum.

Once your vacuum is powered up from all that steam, you’ll notice how all the grime, stains, and gunk are loosened up and removed with ease with each passing. That’s why the steam cleaning power is one of the 2747A’s best features.

Scent Disk and Scent Water

The idea behind having a clean house is that everything should look and feel fresh. Well, the 2747A takes that to a whole other level by including several scented water bottles and two scented discs. As the name suggests, your floor won’t only look neat and tidy, but also smell refreshing.

Bissell, 2747A PowerFresh Vac & Steam All-in-One Vacuum and Steam Mop
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And there you have it, the entire Bissell CrossWave collection of some of the most versatile vacuum cleaners available today. Not only will you get efficient cleaning results, but you’ll also get great value for your money and overall excellent cleaning experience.

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