Bissell Spinwave Cordless Review

When choosing either a vacuum cleaner or a floor mop, one of the most recurring names that you’ll come across is, without a doubt, Bissell. The company has been providing an array of floor cleaning products that are both affordable and efficient in their cleaning results for about 144 years now, and the Bissell Spinwave is the latest and ideal testament to that reputation.

Upon first glance, people might confuse the Bissell Spinwave as a steam mop. In actuality, it’s a mains-powered spin mop that works similarly to that of a miniaturized industrial floor scrubber. It is capable of scrubbing and polishing the floor using the counter-rotation motion from its two cleaning pads. More specifically, the Spinwave is a hard floor mop capable of cleaning floors like linoleum, tile, laminate, sealed hardwood floors, vinyl flooring, or anything else that’s similar.

The product is especially ideal for those who experience backaches regularly when mopping or vacuuming. This is because of the product’s self-propelling movement in which less physical strain is required than other standard mops. Besides that, we’ve got a list of things to run down about the Bissell Spinwave, which is why we’ve prepared this extensive article just for you.

But before we start talking about the product itself, we believe that we should bestow more information regarding a spin mop and why you need something like this for your household.

Why Choose a Spin Mop?

Spin mops are one of the most efficient and convenient mops available, capable of providing the fastest floor cleaning duties ever. A spin mop usually comes in two parts – a bucket and a spin mop. It’s also straightforward to use as you only need to fill in the bucket with a cleaning solution and some water, and simply spin the mop using centrifugal force.

The map also features a specially made handle that enables the mop head to rotate upon pushing the handle down. When the handle rotates, water is squeezed out of the mop. Some models feature a specially-designed mop head that is easily detachable from its handle for seamless washing. Other models come with a comfortably tilting mop handle, giving users the ability to clean hard-to-reach areas like under the furniture or in their car’s tight spaces.

When choosing a spin mop, be it of Bissell, or any other company, be sure to be wary of the following characteristics:

Easy Usability

Bissell Spinwave Cordless Review 3The idea behind a good spin mop is choosing one that is easy to understand and simple to use. Besides that, a quality-driven spin mop should also be gentle on one’s hands too.

Liquid Dispenser

Having this feature might not be a big deal, but it can be beneficial when the built-in dispenser is filled up using cleaning liquid so that we don’t have to fill it up using a bottle continually.

Mop Head Size

This feature is also nothing critical, but the more massive mop head offers better convenience when cleaning a sizable hard floor surface. On the other hand, a smaller mop head is ideal for a smaller kitchen.

Spinning System

Are you planning to choose a spin mop with a foot pedal or a handle pump? No one cleaning mechanism is better than the other, but many users have often praised the foot pedal’s convenience. If you’re picking a foot pedal, please note that sometimes the hardware can be a bit flimsy at times. That’s why you should consider trying out each of these functions individually to see which one best fits your cleaning preferences.


This helps remove excess dirt from your spin mop so you don’t have to worry about changing water or continually having to clean the floor with a dirty mop.

Pivoting Head

When you choose a spin mop, be sure to pick one that comes with an extra mop head. If your own model is short on an extra head by chance, ensure that it allows you to replace the current head without a hassle. We recommend going for reliable manufacturers that offer a suitable replacement.

Drain Plug

Surprisingly, a drain plug isn’t available in most spin mop buckets. This shouldn’t be the case because it makes it easier for users to dump dirty water without leaving any mess behind.

Wheels on the Bucket

A bucket full of water and cleaning solution is never easy to move. That’s why it would be better for you to opt for a spin mop that features a bucket on wheels, offering better ease of movement. With wheels, spin mops also feature a rotating head, allowing users to scrub their floor in “Figure 8” patterns instead of in straight lines back and forth.

Splash Guard

Users can keep dirty and excess water in the bucket with a splash guard where it is supposed to be and not on the floor during cleaning.

These are a handful of the many crucial features that you need to keep in mind when buying a spin mop for yourself.

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Bissell Spinwave

Why You Need This Spin Mop

The Bissell Spinwave 2039A is for those who take great pleasure and pride in maintaining their hardwood floors’ sophisticated look. This mop is the very thing that will give your floors that regal aesthetic that you would see in 5-star hotels or palaces. Just remember that intense scrubbing may very likely leave nasty scratch marks on your precious hardwood floors, which is why you need to use a softer cleaning head on such occasions.

It is for this reason that you need a dependable electronic, hard floor mop like the Spinwave. And if you’re expecting a cheaper alternative, then that’s not going to fly a spin mops are typically known for their higher-than-normal price rates. Nevertheless, you’ll soon find out that each dollar you spend on a spin mop is very much worth the investment. Fortunately, the Bissell Spinwave happens to be one particular spin mop that won’t force you to break your bank and can also offer an impeccable shine to any floor you use it on.


The mop’s pivoting handle and low-high cleaning head make it easier for us to reach tight or hard-to-reach gaps and spaces like those under our furniture. Weighing in at 11 pounds, the mop is certainly not light. But even with its sturdy profile, it’s quite comfortable in maneuverability since most of its weight is on the ground.

The whole mop head area is approximately 14 inches wide. It’s a couple of inches tall in the middle, allowing the mop head to fit under low clearance furniture.

bissell rotating padsBuild Quality

Like other products, a product’s build quality is highly crucial when it concerns durability. It doesn’t matter which company we buy it from; no item or product that we purchase should fall apart after a couple of uses. When buying mops, you need to factor in the materials that were used to make the product and the quality of the manufacturing process behind it. Typically, you need a mop that’s made of aluminum, since it’s both sturdy and lightweight. But that isn’t always the case.

That’s because not all mobs are built the same. Its appearance never determines a mop’s quality, but after using it to see the long-term results that follow. For example, mops made from cheaper materials tend to perform poorly, or stop working altogether after a couple of sessions. Sure, you are saving money, but you’re not getting your money’s worth if you don’t see it in the results.

The Bissell Spinwave is unique in this regard since it’s made from both metal and plastic materials. To be more precise, the top of the mop’s handle has been reinforced with white plastic, whereas the “stick” area is made of metal.  The only downside to this is that we are not sure about the type of alloy used as the metal since it doesn’t necessarily specify in either the user manual or the manufacturer’s official website. But since it is lightweight, it wouldn’t surprise us to know if the mop is indeed made from aluminum.

The machine’s frame is such that when it stands, it leaves a bit forward. This is something that you need to think about when you want to store the mop after cleaning. Another convenience is the mops assembly, which isn’t necessarily rocket science since all you need to do is attach the pads and the handle to the Spinwave.

The body of the mop, as far as we can tell, is made of durable plastic. It may not seem ideal to an extent, but it still gets the job done very well. Besides, the plastic part is also essential in holding the cleanser and water solution. Interestingly, the machine’s base is heavy, not that that’s a bad thing as it allows the mob to basically run on its own without the users putting any weight behind it.

Once you’re through assembling the device, just pour some water into the mop’s reservoir, and add a bit of cleaning liquid to it as well. After that, just flip the switch and let the magic commence. Depending on how you use it, it could take you a while to get used to the buttons’ location, especially the power button, which is right under the spraying button.

BISSELL Spinwave Powered Hardwood Floor Mop and Cleaner, Green Spinwave
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Two Power Cleaning Pads

When unboxing the package, users will find two kinds of cleaning pads: two scouring pads for scrubbing sticky mess for various surfaces and two soft-touch pads for laminate wood floors. These pads can be attached to the mop via the velcros at the bottom.

The pads are known for working in pairs and minimizes the strain we experience on our arm, shoulder, and wrist due to their rotation motion. The best part about this is that this helps get the job done without repeatedly passing over one area again and again.

However, to get the right results, you must ensure that the pads are adequately aligned; otherwise, the mop may feel a bit wobbly or could vibrate. But even if you get it wrong on the first two or three tries, you’ll find that the pads are easy to attach and remove.

The scouring pads are ideal for mopping dirt and grease off of kitchen floors. Unless, of course, you’re dealing with stubborn and old embedded dirt, you don’t necessarily have to get on your knees and scrub your form manually.

As for the buffing pads, they’re more on the lines of polishing flooring types that are either tile, porcelain, marble, vinyl, or laminate wood. It’s also excellent for daily cleaning and for making hardwood and laminate floors shine without the use of wax. It’s ideal for catching and getting rid of debris, mild dirt, pet dander, and hair. But don’t expect it to take care of deeply embedded stains or dirt anytime soon.

The pads are also reusable as their machine washable. If you want to make the pads last longer, we suggest rinsing them using a DIY solution that comprises baking soda and vinegar. This method is more effective and cost-friendly than using commercially sold detergent and cleaning solutions. And even if you do end up replacing them, we suggest buying some extra pads that are readily available and won’t cost you much.

Spinwave Cleaning Solution

The Bissell Spinwave cleaning solution comprises a mixture of tap water and the brand’s patented cleaning formula, which is then stored in the mop’s onboard tank. As instructed, the cleaning solution must be sprayed onto the floor surface. If or when required, spray the solution directly onto the stubborn, embedded dirt or stain.

Before you start cleaning, we urge you to ensure that your laminate or wooden floors are sealed to prevent the cleaning solution from entering the wood. We say this because any type of wooden material exposed to excessive moisture could buckle or perhaps even rot. To prevent any scratches or damage, it is advised to use soft cleaning pads on sensitive flooring.

The mop is also known for its ergonomics as the cleaning solution spray button in the on and off power button is situated on the mop’s handle.

The most common cleaning formula for the Bissell Spinwave is the Bissell Multi-Surface Cleaning Formula, which is especially ideal for area rugs, low-pile carpets, tiles, sealed hardwood, and laminate floors.

The Bissell Wood Floor Cleaning Formula has a natural lemon scent that freshens up the floors after cleaning and restores wooden floor shines.

bissell spinwave spray on demandRemovable Tank

Another fantastic feature of the Spinwave is its effortlessly detachable 28-oz solution chamber. The tank is especially suitable for both large and small cleaning jobs, which means you don’t need to figure out how much solution is required in the tank for whatever floor or surface you’re cleaning.

Rather than using hot steamy water, the mop’s tank pours warm water to maintain the tank material’s longevity. For both regular and deep cleaning, mix the multi-surface cleaning solution with tap water. However, you can use other homemade or store-bought cleaning solutions into the tank.

The only thing that we advise against is vinegar, as it can cause the tank’s material to decay, rendering the equipment’s warranty null and void per the user manual. As such, you need to consult the manual about the type of cleaning solution you wish to pour into the tank before you start cleaning.

Swivel Head Action

Having a swivel head is exactly what makes the Spinwave a delightful cleaning experience. With a swivel head at the appliance’s base, it’s so much easier to get under and around cabinetry and furniture.

Compared to using a regular mop, the Spinwave doesn’t cause any straining on our body upon usage. This is a blessing, especially for those who have arthritis. It’s a blessing for anyone with any type of pain. Also, thanks to its lightweight and feathery design, there’ll hardly be any trouble maneuvering the device from one room or floor to another.

Overall Performance

When the mop beeps every time, you’ll know how much solution is being sprayed onto the floor. However, you’ll need to pivot the handle back and forth to do this repeatedly.

The cleaning solution will be dispensed at a certain angle, which users may or may not struggle with initially. We figured this out mainly when we used any cleaner besides the Bissell cleaner solution and plain water. Even so, this isn’t something that’s going to dissuade anyone from buying the mop.

When you have accounted for the most crucial elements, you’ll be able to clean about five small rooms every day with relative ease.

Pricing Information

The Spinwave is one of Bissell’s mid-range items and can be bought from its official website at $99.99. If you can’t pay the full price, there’s a program that enables you to pay in monthly installments. Amazon puts the item out for less than the amount that we’ve mentioned. Of course, there are more affordable versions available, but you’ll need to sacrifice a couple of facilities and perks that come with it, such as battery life.

For buying extra mop pads, you’ll have to pay somewhere from $12.99 for a two-pack or $19.99 for a four-pack. If you like more affordable ones, some are readily available on Amazon. But seeing as how the pads are washable, you will necessarily have to buy another pair for at least a couple of years.

Apart from that, the multi-surface formula will also last you a good while as you only need a bit of it during your clean-up sessions. But when it’s time for a refill, be sure you buy a 3-pack of 32 oz bottles, which will cost you around $29.999 from Bissell’s official website. Surprisingly, Amazon charges users more for two 32 oz bottles for the price of $30. There’s no word on other types of cleaning formulas, but Bissell highly recommends that we use their formula as others might damage the spray mechanism. If the multi-surface liquid isn’t doing it for you, then you’re more than welcome to use vinegar and water.

You can also shop for replacement parts from Bissell’s official website. And the best part is that those replacements are relatively inexpensive – with the water tank assembly being the most expensive at the rate of $17.99. Some parts are also available on Amazon, but you need to ensure that they’re of the right model.

BISSELL Spinwave Powered Hardwood Floor Mop and Cleaner, Green Spinwave
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Bissell Spinwave 2039A FAQs

1.   Is the Spinwave 2039A a Steam Mop?

No. The Bissell Spinwave may be similar when it comes to its mode of operation, but it is no steam mop. You can operate the Spinwave using its spraying of water, cleaning detergent, and spinning mop heads. A steam mop, on the other hand, releases steam to disinfect floors and surfaces.

2.   What Floor Types Can the Bissell Spinwave Handle?

Except for carpet floors, the Bissell Spinwave can handle the following floor types:

  • Laminate floors
  • Tiled floors
  • Vinyl floors
  • Sealed wood floors
  • Linoleum floors

3.   Is it Heavy to Push The Mop?

No, it isn’t. The design may be on the heavy side, but the machine’s discs’ rotating mechanism makes it very easy for users to maneuver in the direction they want to go.

4.   How do I Operate the Spinwave?

As we said earlier, operating the Spinwave is no rocket science. First, connect the device to an outlet and then push the power button to turn it on. After doing that, you’ll notice that the mop heads will start moving, and you can maneuver the mop to whatever area or floor you want to clean.

Press the spray release trigger to release a mixture of detergent and water that you filled into the tank. Also, know that you can adjust the mophead at the joint, allowing you to access and clean tight or hard-to-reach surfaces like those under your furniture.

Can We Use the Bissell Spinwave Outdoors?

The Spinwave can be used in some outdoor locations like a concrete lawn or cleaning out the veranda so long as the cord reaches an outlet.


If you’re looking for an easy-to-use mop that does just as good of a mopping job as a does polishing, from hardwood floor types, then the Bissell Spinwave 2039A is the mop for you.

BISSELL Spinwave Powered Hardwood Floor Mop and Cleaner, Green Spinwave
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We earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase at no additional cost to you.
11/14/2021 09:59 am GMT
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