How Often Should You Vacuum?

How Often Should You Vacuum?

Vacuuming the house is a part of the routine in many houses, but the question always is, how often should you clean? Many people struggle to answer this question, which is why the rule for many homes is when it is necessary. However, before you decide on the intervals between carrying out this critical task, there are various things to consider, such as occupants, size of the house, and how often anyone is around.

Other than the people in the home, there is the recommended number of times you should vacuum for hygiene and health reasons. All of these are questions you should ask yourself and think about keenly. This piece will talk about how often you should vacuum your house, why and answer the followup questions that you may have.

Why Should You Vacuum?

The main reason for vacuuming whether it is at home, office, or the car is mostly for hygiene purposes. It is an easy way to clean up without much fuss, but this doesn’t mean there is time to do it. However, vacuuming also helps in other areas ha you may not realize, as explained below.

Reduce Buildup of Dust and Lint

Dust and lint is the most common trigger for allergies, and they can make you sick. One of the most straightforward reasons to vacuum is to get rid of these small particles that may build up quite fast in most homes.

It is easy for these particles to get trapped in hardwood floor spaces as well as within the carpet fibers. While they may not cause much harm as they are unless the buildup increases, that changes whenever these surfaces are stirred. This can be caused by someone walking or the wind, but someone with allergies may get adversely affected.

When you vacuum more often, you help get rid of all that debris hence ensuring that there is minimal buildup. Your vacuum cleaner should have adequate suction and a sound filtration system.

Health Maintenance

Vacuuming helps almost every aspect of your home from floors, couch, and other upholstery. This is important to ensure that bacteria and fungi don’t get a breeding ground hence causing various issues to you and your family.

Any dirty surface in your home could prove dangerous to an asthmatic person or one with allergies. These microorganisms often become airborne and can cause serious damage to anyone in your home. When you vacuum more often, you are sure that every aspect of your home is cleaner hence healthier.

Increase Carpet Lifespan

Many carpets cost a pretty penny, so it is something that you should take care of well. Dirt and buildup of grime on the fabric of the rug may cause wear and tear faster than it should. Dust, food particles and liquids continue growing and destroying the fiber of the carpet when left on it for longer.

The continuing process makes even the best carpet fibers weaker, which leads to faster decline than if you keep your carpet cleaner. For even better maintenance, it is best to clean up any spillage or food particles immediately. This allows you to take control of any stain and to ensure that nothing will rot in there.

Removing Odor

Different types of vacuum cleaners offer various cleaning options, and one of them is eliminating odors. This can be brought by pets, old food, or simple spillages that will continue rotting in the carpet, which later causes a bad smell.

A carpet with odor is one of the worst things you can have in your home since it won’t give you any peace. It is difficult to get rid of some smells once they are infused into the fibers, and you may have to throw away the rug. However, vacuuming helps in refreshing the surface, and some vacuums even have ways to get rid of the odor.

How Often Should You Vacuum?

Unless you vacuum up to seven times a day, there is no reason why you should not vacuum your home as often as you want to. This is more important if your home is carpeted since it tends to be breeding ground for everything terrible that you don’t want.

You should try to vacuum every day, especially if you have young children, pets and your home is generally a busy place. This will ensure that any dust, lint, and unwanted particles are removed, so your home stays fresh.

However, it would be best if you aimed to vacuum at least twice a week, which is the most common recommendation. If your home doesn’t have high traffic, children, and pets, you can even get away with vacuuming once a week. However, note that the longer you take in between your vacuuming schedules will affect how much effort you put into cleaning.

If you take longer to vacuum, you will have more dust and buildup all over the house, so cleaning will take more time. It shouldn’t be challenging to achieve the twice per week vacuuming recommendation given the many options available today.

Vacuum cleaners are not as large and heavy as they used to be, so you don’t have to get too tired. There are smaller and lighter options that allow you to vacuum quickly and without getting bored, so all you need is about thirty minutes.

However, it would help if you remembered that vacuuming alone doesn’t guarantee you a clean house. You may have to mop some surfaces such as in the kitchen and even the children’s playroom to ensure that you get rid of any bacteria which may cause illnesses. Remember that a clean and tidy house not only promoted good physical health but for the mind and soul as well.

How Can You Vacuum Effectively?

While you may vacuum your home often, it is easy to do it so wrong that it doesn’t make a difference if you left it without cleaning. However, learning the proper techniques to clean correctly will help you achieve better results that last longer. Remember that adequate vacuuming doesn’t mean repeating it more times as this wastes time, but it is about getting the most out of the exercise. The following are tips to help you get better at vacuuming.

  • Get an appropriate vacuum. One reason why you may not get the best results when you vacuum your home is because of using the wrong tools. There are multi-purpose vacuums that can be used on any surface, but others are specialized. Check on the manufacturer’s recommendation to ensure that you are using the right machine for the job. There are a bunch of different vacuums that are suited to different parts of your home, such as upright, canister, car vacuums and even ones specialized at sorting pet hair.
  • Take it slow. While you shouldn’t spend too much time vacuuming the same spot since it is pointless, you shouldn’t do it too fast, either. Note that the vacuum does most of its work when it is pulled backward than forward. Therefore, once you push it forward, take more time while dragging it so it can pick up everything.
  • Vacuum in various directions. Experts recommend not vacuuming in a straight line since you reduce the quality of work that you do. Cleaning in many directions is best since it helps in loosening stuck dirt particles, so the second time around, they are sucked in.
  • HEPA filtration system. As you vacuum, some of the particles are blown into the air instead of getting sucked into the cleaner. This means that you still get a lot of dust particles after cleaning, so the job isn’t done correctly. However, the HEPA bags and filters are excellent in keeping the small particles in the vacuum, so you get less debris going back into your home.
  • Vacuum more in high traffic places. Areas such as the living room, kitchen, and hallways are top traffic places that get more dust and dirt. You should vacuum these areas more often, even when you choose to stick to the bare minimum of twice a week.

There isn’t a direct way of answering the question of how often you should vacuum since it is dependent on a lot of factors. It also relies significantly on the type of vacuum you use as well as technique. According to doctors, using the wrong tools and methods can cause more harm than living in space, which has not been vacuumed. However, it is crucial that you try and do it twice a week, even if it is only lightly. This will ensure that your surfaces remain in excellent condition for longer, and your health will thank you for it.

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    I’m glad that you mentioned that you should clean your vacuum every 12-18 months! Last week my daughter moved into her own apartment and is looking to buy a vacuum, and she wanted to know some maintenance tips. I’ll make sure to pass this information along to her as she searches for one!

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