How to Get a Good Workout Whilst Vacuuming

How to Get a Good Workout Whilst Vacuuming

Finding time to keep your home clean while squeezing in and sticking to a regular workout regimen can be somewhat of an issue bearing in mind our busy schedules nowadays.

Good news is; there are ways to get both tasks done simultaneously. You basically just need a good vacuum cleaner! Yes, you heard that right; you can get a good workout whilst vacuuming.

While vacuuming can be a tedious chore, taking the opportunity to work out while you vacuum can give you the ability to get two important things done at the same time; cleaning your home while also strengthening your body and burning calories. And once you have this at the back of your mind, you’ll feel good about cleaning your home and will be much more inclined to get into action.

It’s been reported for instance that 30 minutes of vacuuming or sweeping floors burns about 130 calories. Meaning, if you address the task with a little more passion, you can have a wonderful workout session whilst ensuring your carpets are spotless! Vacuuming can also tone your arms – particularly if you swap in between them from time to time – and walking with your vacuum machine additionally gives allows you workout on your legs.

Below are some ways to get a good workout whilst vacuuming…

  1. Cardio-Vacuum

Vacuuming can provide you with cardiovascular conditioning while doing a good job of working your legs and shoulders.

To effectively cardio-vac, make your movements exaggerated and change your hands regularly so as to give a comparable workout to both sides of your body.

To benefit maximally from this, make sure to vacuum for at least 20 minutes nonstop because you begin to burn fat after about 20 minutes, upright vacuums are perfect for this, a canister is perhaps a little too awkward.

You can choose to re-vacuum parts of the house, so as to increase your cardio time.

  1. Lunges and Vacuuming

Another way to get a good workout whilst vacuuming is to perform walking lunges when you vacuum. Lunge forward to work your hips, thighs, and buttocks.

Ensure that your knees are directly kept above your ankles. You should also keep your back straight while engaging your abs. Make sure your knees aren’t bent more than 90 degrees while doing this.

When you feel its effects on your thighs, then you know this is working. Doing this will help you burn calories as well as strengthen your legs. So, next time while vacuuming, start at one end of the room and perform walking lunges as you vacuum.


  1. Stairs013125130412df0f_0368-w500-h666-b0-p0-industrial-staircase

If you have stairs in your house, they provide you with a great vehicle for working out.

Stair climbing while vacuuming is great conditioning for your legs and an outstanding cardio workout. You may even decide to make more trips than is required so as to burn more calories. By making several trips up and down the stairs while vacuuming, you can burn up to a whopping 520 calories (if you did the activity for an hour). It also helps get your thighs and bottom toned!

Just vary the stepping pattern and keep a steady pace while travelling up and down the staircase. You can and do forward and backward lunges off the bottom step.

To prevent a fall, you should use the wall or handrail for support. A handheld is probably more ideal for this than others.

  1. Work Your Shoulders and Arms

By adding purpose and technique to your vacuuming schedule, you can effectively work your shoulders and arms. Dusting, mopping and sweeping are great for keeping arms shapely.

You can also plug in your vacuum and squat step to a clean home. Make sure you put your weight on your heels as you squat and step with the purpose to clean your rugs. Continue for 20 squats or until your rugs are sparkly clean.

Just know that, the more effort you put in, the greater the benefit.

  1. Core Muscles

Vacuuming workout is one of the best programs that can be utilized by the common housewife, college student, housekeeper, and others that want to tone the core muscles.

The core includes all of the muscles that are found in the body except those that are located in the arms and legs. The core muscles are very important not only because they help you perform activities of daily living, but a strong core can help prevent injuries.

The abs just, however, happen to be the most targeted muscle, because almost everyone desires a six pack. And the forward and back motion of vacuuming can be a great workout for your abdominal muscles (abs). All you have to do have your muscles flexed 1 at a time, starting at your pelvis and gradually stirring into your upper abs. Ensure to keep the muscles flexed all through the duration of your vacuuming.

There you have them…

And if you wish to make these workouts a little harder, you will want to consider standing on a single leg and using your vacuum! This will help you build your leg muscles and can even strengthen your core.

Make sure that you maintain a good posture throughout this process, in order to make it much more effective and worthwhile. Be sure to alternate back and forth from leg to leg, in order to even out your muscles and build both sides evenly.

So, if you have to vacuum anyway, you could as well just get your butt a little firmer or your arms more toned.

Bear in mind, however, it would be hard to lose weight just by vacuuming. You’ll get the most reward for your time if you do more traditional physical activities as well.

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