MooSoo Vacuum Cleaner Range Reviewed

MooSoo Vacuum Cleaner Range Reviewed 9

[toc]MooSoo is a Chinese vacuum cleaner brand whose primary focus is a cordless vacuum cleaner. The brand runs under the company Shenzhen Jimo Technology C0., Ltd., located in Shenzhen, China.

The company Shenzhen Jimo Technology Co., Ltd. was established on 31st December 2004. It deals with highly cost-effective and economical products like small home appliances in B2C model with foreign consumers. Shenzhen Jimo Technology is settled as an Internet+cross-border company that trades with consumers in Europe, North America, Southeast Asia, and other regions all over the world through the foreign third-party platform of Amazon. Meanwhile, the company delivers its products to overseas consumers through overseas local logistics companies or cross-border logistics companies.

Lately, the company established an R&D (Research and Development) team independently and created a brand line, thereby focusing on high-quality products with an innovative experience for the customers.

About MooSoo

As per Qichacha, the Chinese brand information site, MooSoo is a small or medium-sized company with a 10 Million RMB capital. They deal with cordless vacuum cleaners along with other pocket-friendly home appliances.

Lately, this brand sells its manufactured clothes and other items; however, the business activities transformed into the manufacture and sale of tools like electronic cigarettes from October 2017.

In October 2019, MooSoo further spread its business to encompass the trading and sales of different products like consumer electronic products.

During the same period, the company’s capital increased from 500 thousand RMB to 10 million RMB. This shows their conviction to grow their business further from now on.

The MooSoo Range:

If you like a good deal on the vacuum cleaner and you browsed it on Amazon, you have most probably come across MooSoo cleaners. They are one of the best-selling vacuum brands on Amazon, having marked down prices on various products.

This brand dominates the top five excel brands, including Dyson and Shark. More than 1400 consumers recommend the cleaners, saying the brand offers super lightweight and astonishingly powerful vacuum cleaners that can do everything a Dyson can, even at a fraction of cost as that of a Dyson.

Here are 4 of the MooSoo vacuum cleaners that present a great deal of cleaning experience with innovation. Take a look at these and make your decision to buy the best of the best.

1. MooSoo Cordless Vacuum 4 in 1 Stick Vacuum

moosoo stick cleaner

First in our list of excellent vacuum cleaners is the Cordless 4 in 1 Powerful Suction Stick Vacuum Cleaner. Take a look at the fascinating features and specifications of the product:

●     Upgrades: The vacuum cleaner upgrades to a new vacuum to meet more needs by adding an adjustable extension. Meanwhile, it has an option to use with various brush heads by switching to handheld mode. 120-watt suction meets all the cleaning demands.

●     Battery and Power Suction: The 4 in 1 powerful suction stick vacuum cleaner has a super long-lasting battery that ensures thorough cleaning all over the house with 20-28 minutes running time. The powerful suction picks up all the crumbs, dust, debris, and pet hair within a minute.

●     Surface: MooSoo cordless powerful suction stick vacuum cleaner performs well on bed, carpet, curtain, desk, hard floors, sofa, stairs, windowsills; hence all kinds of surfaces.

●     High-efficiency Filtration System: Having a high-efficiency Cyclone+HEPA filtration system, this product removes particulates from the air through a high speed rotating airflow. The High-density HEPA removes over 99.99% of 0.1 micron-sized dust particles and is recyclable and washable. This product ultimately provides an excellent cleaning experience and purified air with every use.

●     Convenience redefined: This product comes with widely applicable dual-mode and convenient cordless usage. The adjustable modes fit in different situations to make full use of the battery. Simultaneously, the wireless design sets you free from the inconvenience of a cord while providing more than 10000 PA powerful suction for a thorough cleaning.

●     Lightweight machine: The primary device of the product weighs only 3.3 pounds and can be equipped with suitable attachments for different tasks. To finish the cleaning, the ergonomic handle can be used to hold the machine.

●     Detachable battery: The large 2200mAh capacity battery can be charged fully in 5.5 hours.

●     Why shall you choose this product? The robust model has the most classic style. The After-sales Team of the brand works First-class and offers a 12-month Customer Service plan.

Next, to the MooSoo Cordless Vacuum is the MooSoo vacuum cleaner with 4 in 1 stick vacuum, 1700pa powerful suction, and LED electric brush. This product has been among the most demanded vacuum cleaners on Amazon. Check out the features and specifications below to get more insight into the product.

2.  MooSoo Vacuum Cleaner, 4 In 1 Stick 1700PA

MooSoo Vacuum Cleaner Range Reviewed 10

●     Powerful suction: MooSoo vacuum cleaner with powerful suction is a design for deeply embedded dirt and debris, including dog food crumbs, cat litter, pet hair, and much more on the hardwood floor, marble, and tiles.

●     Bagless Set with Adaptability: this vacuum cleaner having a bagless set with a 4-stage cutting edge filtration system, is equipped with a Sponge filtration, HEPA filtration, typhoon filtration, cylinder filtration, and. The anti-clockwise rotatable cleaning Brush Head adjusts into the flexible joint and makes the direction control way easier.

●     Lightweight and deep cleaning: having a total weight of 2.8lbs, this stick vacuum cleaner can be operated easily by a single hand.

●     No blind corners at all: the appropriate length of the power cord, i.e., 23 ft and adjustable 19-31 inches tube, is perfectly versatile to clean the whole space from floor to ceiling with a corded vacuum cleaner.

●     Multifunctional: this product having a handheld attachment, comes with two modes that are easy to switch. A brush and crevice nozzle can be interchanged to adapt to different spaces, including cars, furniture, sofa, stairs, and even tiny spaces such as under-bed areas as well as motor homes.

●     Better performance: MooSoo powerful suction vacuum cleaner has a constructive brush that facilitates 80% deep cleaning performance and 2.5 times the power on rigid and cemented floors as compared to ordinary vacuum cleaners. The bright switch LED light placed on the bottom of the product helps you see debris and pet hair that is mostly lost in the dark.

This product has unique functionality and proves to be the best choice for those who need to clean deep down tiny spaces with a lightweight vacuum cleaner. In short, people need a vacuum having better performance. This vacuum cleaner has been among the best sellers of MooSoo vacuum cleaners on Amazon.

However, we are here with yet another fantastic vacuum cleaner that does not have a match and can leave you astonished with its unique features. So without wasting another moment, let’s head towards the next product.

3. MooSoo Cordless Lightweight Stick Vacuum 5 In 1

MooSoo Vacuum Cleaner Range Reviewed 11

The MooSoo lightweight stick vacuum with 17Kpa powerful suction comes with 5-in-1 multiple designs with several attachments that can effectively clean the corners and gaps.

●     Versatile design: MooSoo cordless vacuum cleaner can be interchanged into a stick vacuum, handheld vacuum, and an upright vacuum for effective cleaning from floor to ceiling, car, sofa, etc.

●     17kpa powerful suction: the 17000PA powerful suction quickly picks up all the deeply embedded pet hairs, dust particles, and debris efficiently.

●     Brushless motor: The MooSoo lightweight stick vacuum’s latest brushless motor generates a high-speed cyclone airflow to give maximum performance. This technology brings a longer life with less noise.

●     Extended reach: the crevice tool and the upholstery brush in the 5-in-1 design makes it easier to customize the vacuum cleaner according to your needs. The strap design allows carrying the product anywhere to clean crumbs, dust, and dirt on counters, ceilings, furniture, shelves, and upholstery.

●     Easy to store free-standing design: With the free-standing structure of the MooSoo lightweight stick vacuum, you can make it stand upright to keep it efficiently without occupying much significant space in the home.

●     Powerful battery: The 6-cell 2200mAh large capacity battery with top lithium-ions provides a fade-free runtime. A single charge of the battery is equivalent to double runtime than other ordinary cordless vacuum cleaners.

●     Flexible LED floor head: The floor head of the product is equipped with a 90°up and down and 180° swivels sideways to light all the dark corners for cleaning. This flexible LED floorhead allows deep cleaning of dirt, dust, and other debris under furniture and dark spaces. Moreover, the unique and attractive design of roller bristles protects the floor from scratches and pigmentation.

This fantastic product leaves the consumers amazed with its unique and attractive specifications and features. The LED floor head and the powerful battery make MooSoo lightweight stick vacuum stand out from the crowd.

The next MooSoo vacuum cleaner on our list is MooSoo self-charging Robot Vacuum cleaner with WiFi connectivity and many more remarkable features. So take a look at the features and specifications of this fantastic product.

4. MooSoo Robot Vacuum (With WiFi) 120 Minutes Runtime – Self Charging

MooSoo Vacuum Cleaner Range Reviewed 12

●     Powerful suction: the embedded dust, crumbs, dirt, and pet hair are no issues for the MooSoo Robot Vacuum cleaner having 1800Pa strong suction power. The dual multi-surface brushes and the 3-stage cleaning system helps the MooSoo Robot vacuum clean the hard floors as well as carpets efficiently. Its edge-sweeping brushes are well-known to reach every corner and edge of the room.

●     Slim design: the slim design of the Robot Vacuum cleaner helps to reach every narrow space or corner of the room, clean every leftover dirt, and to keep your house neat and clean.

●      Self-charging with 120 minutes run time: MooSoo Robot vacuum cleaner is equipped with a high-capacity 2500mAh Li-ion battery and a charging base. It can work continuously for 120 minutes, and when the battery is lower than 15%, it will automatically return to the charging state. Hence it meets the cleaning needs from the living room to the bedroom with a single charge.

●     Smart App and Voice Control: With MooSoo Robot Vacuum cleaner, you can easily create a cleaning schedule while controlling the direction of cleaning through the Smart Life App. Moreover, the product is also compatible with Google Assistant and Alexa. As per the consumers’ convenience, MooSoo also includes a remote control for the Robot Vacuum cleaner in the package.

●     HEPA filter with six cleaning modes: The MooSoo Robot Vacuum cleaner comes with six different cleaning modes, including Auto cleaning, edge cleaning, manual cleaning, Max vacuum spot cleaning, and plan cleaning. There’s no limitation to switch from one mode to another and different power. Besides all the intelligence, it increases its suction power whenever it is on the carpet to provide efficient and better cleaning.

●     The package includes: When you buy a MooSoo Robot Vacuum cleaner, you get the product along with its staples, including a charging base, power adapter, cleaning brush, one bonus HEPA, two bonus side brushes, a remote controller, 24-months warranty, a user manual, and MooSoo 24/7 customer service.

Why MooSoo?

MooSoo is always focused on customer satisfaction and has grown to be the world’s leading vacuum cleaner manufacturing brand. Among the top vacuum cleaner brands, MooSoo takes pride in the most user-friendly and high-quality vacuum cleaners that stand out from the crowd. As the technologies in the present world grow, MooSoo continuously improves its products bringing out the innovations wrapped in consumers’ convenience through the latest technologies.

Most of the consumers prefer MooSoo over other world-leading vacuum cleaners brands saying that MooSoo can do everything the other brands can do, and also in a very cost-effective manner. Apart from vacuum cleaners, MooSoo also offers some other small home appliances within an exceptionally economical price range. So never miss a chance to buy MooSoo as it provides the best quality cleaning and consumer convenience at a very reasonable price that other brands do not offer.

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